Give Devotion/Attribute Point to the player

Is there any command to give a Devotion Point to the player via .lua script? Script reference has only command for the skill points. The ame question goes for attribute points.

Tried following commands:


Here are the game console codes, accessed from ~ in a mod. Maybe this will help you figure it out but I don’t have a master list of LUA functions yet.

game.IncrementSkill Increments the number of points allocated to the specified skill   
game.IncrementAttribute Gives the player an attribute point 
game.IncrementLevel Increments the player's level
game.incrementdevotion  Gives the player a devotion point   
game.decrementdevotion  Removes a devotion point

Thanks for that, but even some dump files are not containing devotion/attribute commands. Not sure if it is even possible to get the command without a help of the devs.