Give more benefits to non-heavy equipments

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Contents that I would like to claim are almost the same, but this time about the Legendary items.

There is good armor value for heavy equipment. Energy regeneration is attached to caster equipment. So what are the advantages of ordinary equipment?

When comparing heavy equipment and equipments, the numerical value of damage% does not change almost. The numerical values of DA and OA are not different. The clear difference is the armor value. However, there is no clear merit of compensating for the armor value difference.

Ordinary equipment can be used in less physique. As far as I know, Blade Master is the only one that takes advantage of this advantage.

but.Most builds distribute points to the physique, so it makes little sense.

I do not know if it is more damage or OA / DA or resistance, but for non-heavy equipment it is necessary to compensate for the disadvantage of low armor something other than the required body value requires something clear merit I think so.

Armor value is just one factor out of your defensive state.
For exemple, most set for the Nightblade mastery have an average amount of armor but if you are melee dualwield you hit faster making life leach more potent, you get the ennemies to fumble their attacks through ring of steel modifier and you get dodge through the first modifier of Pneumatic burst.

All in all i don’t see any problem. I have a dualwield build that can almost facetank the end boss in Ultimate. I might be able (or even closer than i am currently) in the future but still need at least 2-3 new items.

Furthermore, trying to get %armor when crafting with the Angrim blacksmith will help a lot! For exemple you could get up to 7% armor on your Mythical Deathmark Helm if you craft with Angrim!

If lighter armor made up for the lack of armor value in other stats, there would be a little less reason for physique heavy builds. Since heavy armor is just better in every way possible (maybe not so with epics/legendaries since their application is build specific), putting less points into physique just means equipping inferior stuff.

Like, lore wise, shouldn’t lighter armor just naturally give DA? It’s easier to dodge attacks if you can move more freely isn’t it?

No, don’t rebalance the game. The game balance is good like it is. Physique is OP but once the player comes to know the game’s nuances, there are still plenty of places to direct theory crafting effort besides “should I get physique or not”. All I want to say is, this guy has a decent point about the game balance’s static elements.

I agree, if you look at the heavy armor sets and compare them with the light armor sets the heavy armor are just pain Superior in stats.
It’s not like soldier and physical builds need even more advantages.
Another problem is that the expansion made it worse by increasing the armor values of all level 94 sets by about 80% compared to the level 75 sets. This made the absolute difference in armor value even larger.

Personally I would propose increasing the armor values of all caster and light armor. Currently there is a armor value difference of around 1.2K per piece between caster and heavy armor and around 0.7k with light with a average amount of % armor bonus. This is too large in my eyes. Adding a extra stats like dodge or DA to light armor would be good to.

This is should not matter. Not all light armor builds use melee dual wield just the same as not all heavy armor builds use shields(In fact you can have a dual wield build in heavy armor if you want to). Either way it should not matter and I see no reason to just give a armor set plain weaker stats just cause it could be used for dual wield.

Furthermore, trying to get %armor when crafting with the Angrim blacksmith will help a lot! For exemple you could get up to 7% armor on your Mythical Deathmark Helm if you craft with Angrim!

This is something that heavy armor builds can do too and it will benefit them more as it is % based.

If I remember correctly in D2 (and maybe some other games too) equiping any sort of metal based armor also decreased your move speed while cloth, leather and chain armor didn’t. So maybe in GD the trade off for heavy armor would be similar or perhaps just have a modifier like “Decreases move speed by -%”.

Nearly every viable build out there is physique heavy because as you said physique is OP by itself, we don’t need to subsidize by giving its sets additional armor.

You don’t remember correctly. Heavier armor only made stamina bar run out faster, but that was not issue anymore later in the game.

I think it’s pretty telling when I’ve got “caster” builds post-expansion that have between 0 and 10 points in Spirit. :stuck_out_tongue:

As you’ve said yourself, the problem lies with Physique just being a too important stat.
If people wouldn’t (or couldn’t) just pump almost all their points into it anyway then going for heavy armor would be an investment, but the way it is now whether or not you equip heavy armor often just comes down to if it’s other bonuses match your build.

And the only thing that I can think of that could potentially solve this issue would be to make the other two attributes more viable for defense.
Theoretically you could distribute bonuses to DA, dodge ranged and dodge melee attacks, crowd control resistances or other resistances over the three attributes, so that whatever you put your points in you would always get some improvement on defense, with Physique still being superior in this regard but not being the only way to give your character more sustain.

But stuff like this would make an overhaul of all the skills and items in the game necessary, and if I was Crate I surely wouldn’t want that.

What do you think of the solution method that gives many attribute value bonuses to all equipment and caster equipment? Like Really Great Pants.
Or give more attack statistics bonus (flat damage / damage%, OA etc) instead of taking risk with less armor?

Another bad idea is to give demerits to heavy equipment. For example, they do not give a running speed to heavy boots, lower attack speed bonus to heavy gloves, lower element resistance compared to non-heavy equipment, and others, but suffer some disadvantages. However, heavy equipment gains large armor value, and from physique it gains survivability.

Either way, changing is more troublesome for developers, as it requires more or less manpower.:rolleyes:

Dang i knew i forgot something. Yeah stamina burned faster.

My end-game Grenadier looks like this at the moment. It still has decent energy regen and honestly can’t see it wearing caster gear period. AoM content just hits so hard in the physical department.

I’m trying to replace the chest gear for a good green and decided to farm Galakros the Mountain 'cause I need stun res. But Galakros hits extremely hard and feel I’m better off farming Fleshwarped Platemails and praying for a good roll.

I do feel that Heavy Armor trumps caster gear even for casters. I would prefer to munch on energy potions then wear light armor with energy bonuses.

The way I see it, the system is designed to promote the use of heavy armor (it is essentially superior in every aspect to normal armor). The problem lies, like others have already made clear, with the fact that physique is just way too good. Every build (with a couple notable exceptions) just pumps physique as high as they can, putting just enough in cunning/spirit to satisfy gear requirements.

A truly thorough fix would have to look into the attributes and rebalance them properly. This would be a huge undertaking, and is at this point of development very, very unlikely.

So what can be done? Couple of alternatives:

  1. Normal armor are given something else than armor to promote their use - higher bonuses?
  2. They are given more armor, making the problem less apparent.
  3. Attribute requirements on gear are substantially raised - meaning that physique, while still king, has to be more evenly spread out with Spirit and Cunning in order to fulfill requirements. Done properly, the player would have to weigh pro’s and cons of wearing heavier armor, as it could impact their chances of reaching the requirement for other items. This change would also lead to the distribution of attributes feeling less braindead.

I think that option three would be best for the game. Attributes feel largely unnecessary, arbitrary. For the most part, there is no real choice involved - with physique being so superior. The illusion of choice only serves to confuse new players. Like attribute distribution, gear requirements in general don’t serve much purpose. Anyone can easily reach any requirements set by gear, making them arbitrary.

To raise gear requirements enough to make them relevant would have a bunch of different effects on the game. I imagine most of them would be good, enforcing more consideration to the character building process. However, it would also mean lower health pools and DA for lots of builds, which would impact other parts of the game.

TL;DR: As such, homogenizing the armor values on different armor types is probably the easiest fix.

I completely agree on the whole casters feel better off wearing plate departmebt. Is it just me or did physical damage scale noticably higher than non-phys fron 85 to 100. It doesn’t feel as bad as it did when ultimate was first released but it feels kinda like we’ve slid haldway back. See alot of peopke recommending 2k or higher average armor for AoM or even challenger crucible and that is damn hard hard wearing caster armor.

I ended up going harp and plate on my caster just so it stoped feeling like every melee hit was a crit.

I think there is something seriously wrong with the game balance if casters are better of NOT wearing a legendary set even is its appropriate for their builds.
Casters should be able to wear legendary sets in ultimate AoM. What’s the point of putting them in the game otherwise?

Edit: The problem is mostly caused by that every lv 94 armor type has its armor value increase by around 80% compared to the lv74 equivalent. This means that the absolute difference between armors types has become far larger. In addition I feel that the game is balanced around heavy armor, as even common mobs seems to hit for several k of physical damage.

Who said i had a legendary set? :rolleyes: I wish, could likely find a way to maje it work but when piecing together greens and epics (with a lil purple) i found it much more effective to prioritize plate if at all possible. Even though it means making up the energy regen in components + devotions.

Neither have I, only a few pieces here and there. But considering that there is not much of an armor value difference between a lv94 legendary and a rare lv94 caster armor there is not much to look forward to.

Sure you can try to compensate with heavy armor on other parts
but considering how the game works(armor value + hit per body part) that would be the equivalent of having around a 30-40 chance to be crit.

I wonder how I’m supposed to survive wearing something like this.

Pumping up caster armors via bonuses will be certainly not a bad thing. It gives more option for builds.

EDIT: Also it is not very funny to avoiding hits at all cost and doing athletic with mouse and keyboard, because one hit could vaporize you.

Can confirm on my end. Light and Medium gear’s need a rebalance to address the lack of armor. Heavy armor is not only semanticly superior, its also functionally superior. Because if your dead, your DPS is zero.

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I have to agree with many of you here, armor for caster and light armor really start to fall behind heavy armor in AoM, it’s easy to stack % increase armor now from new components/augments. % increase armor, while it affects every armor type, has become most pronounce on heavy armor due to higher armor value on each piece. It easy to make 3K+ armor on heavy gears and caster builds be like 1.2k-1.5k. :rolleyes:

Not to mention how hard it is to stack physical resistace for non shield builds.