Give static bonuses to certain items

  1. Faction gear. Absolutely pointless for it to roll with variation when you can just exit the game and spawn new ones until you find one with nearly max rolls. Way easier and time saving to just buy a random one, dump it and GDStash one with max rolls. You can do that legit in the game, but it can take hours.

  2. Relics. Given how expensive the Mythical ones are, getting a badly rolled one is really annoying and having to farm hundreds of thousands of Iron for one more chance is simply not feasible. Similarly, I feel we should be able to choose the completion bonus for a price in Iron and crafting materials. The completion bonus idea which carried from Titan Quest was successfully eliminated from components but for whatever reason, it still survives on Relics to this day. Removing them is not necessary but being able to pay for a desired one would be great.

  3. Not item related but remove soulbound from Augments. Really can’t think of a reason it’s there. They have a level requirement on them so you can’t pass them to your other characters anyway before they reach the level. Being able to transfer them through stash in game would be a lot more convenient.

  1. I thought faction gear was sold with static bonuses. Live & learn. But since items are mostly randomised in Grim, I don’t mind these being random too.
  2. List of available completion bonuses is not visible in game. Just don’t look at them in Grim Tools and you’ll be fine. Consider them a free addition while you only pay for the core. Focus too much on random outcome and get ready to be disappointed.
    As for relics being rendomised in general - I don’t mind since all items are.
  3. I like that some things cannot be shared with future characters or in multiplayer. Forces them to work for at least something.
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Rather than this because @Res they don’t show up in the game so it can’t be done but , we should be able to reroll them on inventor’s transmute section for a price. I feel like a campaign manager about this topic :rofl:

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Kind of makes faction choices pointless. I know you can technically get all augments with one character by picking different factions in all three playthroughs, but that’s more a clever use of that mechanic and you get a finite number of augments from the faction you went against in the last difficulty (since you can’t buy more from the faction you are no longer aligned with). Flat out removal of soulbound augments makes faction choices meaningless.


Honestly, anything that could done to affect the outcome would be welcome within the scope of the current limitations. But for rerolls, the price would have to be reasonable.

The faction choices are already meaningless since you can freely switch them up whenever you feel like it. I would agree with you if once you made your choice, you would be permanently locked in with that faction for that character without the ability to change it. Then there would be a consequence to your choice and the Soulbound would make sense.

But nothing prevents you from getting around that by stocking up on them (buy like 20+ of each) and go with the other option for the last difficulty. “Look, Death’s Vigil hates me but I am running around in their Revered Augments, take that you corpse lovers!!!” It also leads to several bad/annoying things:

  1. Takes up stash space.
  2. Makes you have to spend couple hundreds of thousands of Iron just to be on the safe side of ever needing the augments.
  3. Makes you have to re-farm the reputation (not that big of a deal since Mandates exist).

Another, more drastic solution to the augment situation which would keep the consequence of choice would be to simply disable their effects if you are not at the reputation level desired with the faction you bought them from. So even if you stock up on them, changing it up later would render them useless.

You just repeated what i said and forgot to mention that augments bought from factions you are no longer aligned with are finite. Meaning there’s a limit to how many times you can change augments. That’s a noticeable consequence there.

Look, another consequence of faction choices. Seems the faction choices are not completely meaningless now according to what you just said and what you want is to basically remove those handful of consequences, effectively making faction choices actually pointless.

Up to a maximum of 3 times per character. I think being able to access both “rewards” of allying with and going against a faction is a smart use as it usually requires a bit more work and preparation in advance.

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You can buy as many as you want as long as you have Iron. You can buy 20, you can buy 50, you can buy 500. And you are realistically not going to be switching up Augments that often once you have your build somewhat up and running. I did it a few times, but never needed more than 10.

And since you can transfer Iron between characters easily now through the Iron bars, I wouldn’t consider that a limiting factor. Augments are pretty cheap, unlike things like relics.

Work and preparation? I fail to see where. All I can think of is resetting Nemesis progress but that’s about it. Reputation is back nearly instantly with a Mandate.

For example, on a recent character I did. I knew I’d need Barrowholm’s augments ahead of time but also needed one of their Wendigo Infrequents. While I could just farm Gloomwald/Ugdenbog for it and stay allied with them I couldn’t piece a good route together (Wendigo crowds just seemed to spread out for my liking) so wanted to grind Forlorn Cellar/Den of the Wendigo instead.

I started on Elite with the character. I had to ally with Barrowholm there and complete their sidequests. Didn’t have enough reputation to push from Honoured to Revered so had to either backtrack to Normal and do their sidequests there or run bounties on Elite or hope I got enough reputation in Ultimate from killing Ch’thonians before the end (I opted to backtrack to Normal). All of this instead of progressing to Ultimate and continuing to level in order to buy the augments I need before betraying them. The only thing I’m losing on this character is the ability to fight Ravager and I cannot change that now.

The amount of times each of my characters have changed builds, requiring new augments, is far too high for me to count. Just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to others.

It’s still a consequence of trying to hoard augments from factions you are no longer aligned with. Something that would you never need to do because you could literally just buy one of each and transfer them through stash if they were no longer soulbound.

Agreed, but I was talking strictly about the Augment situation. The other situations warrant the time and effort put into them, but not the Augments IMO, especially since it can be worked around so easily.

I do change Augments sometimes. Either on build change or finding new gear which shifts resistances around. But not every Augment is suddenly going to need to be from a faction you are no longer allied with. Stocking up enough of a reserve of them to be future-proof is pretty trivial. I seriously doubt you are using hundreds of the same Augments from a locked-out faction on the regular. And there are only 2 cases in the game where this happens: Kymon/Vigil and Barrowholm. Each has 3 Augments for armor. The non-armor augments could be useful only from Barrowholm since the other 2 have better alternatives with other factions as they are limited to level 50.

For me, it is just pointless busywork.

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