Giving Tools Seems Endless

I have a town with a Pop of 500.
I have just given the town 175 tools via the trader over a period of a few years and it seems they still don’t have enough tools.

Is this by design? It seems like they are using them endlessly.

Yup it feels like they literally eat them. Just keep buying and producing them.

I have an upgraded forge which is fully staffed and with plenty of iron available and makes only tools and yet my storage never gets into double figures unless I buy them, and then they don’t last long. On the other hand my other forge, not upgraded, can produce swords forever unless I limit production.

It doesn’t help that children will use tools (despite not actually using them) and often get them before the working villagers. That explains why you will buy a bunch of tools at the trader and instantly your storage is at 0 and people still need tools.