Gladiator's Distinction

Hi all! First sorry if this is the wrong section for this threat!!
I really love the game, playing like crazy. Everything about it is simply awesome and i can’t wait for the new expansion.

I am really new by the way. Got like 250-300h in past few weeks and i am still confused from time to time and my knowledge is lacking but i am slowly filling the gaps.

Anyway pack to the point. I am trying to find information on this belt: Gladiator’s Distinction

Does anyone know where it drops and anyway to farm it?
Or if someone have it and whiling to trade?

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slight_smile:

There’s more on it here in the grimtools database.'s%20distinction&in_description=1&exact_match=0

It is a random drop like almost any item. If you search for an item on Grim Tools and it hasn’t got the “MI” symbol, it is a random drop. If an item has the “MI” symbol, further down it is displayed what monsters can drop the item and with what drop chance.

WoW guys thanks for much for the info!! Apparently the belt seems to be a random drop so i need to farm like crazy. I hand’t no idea there is such a useful site as :open_mouth:

If someone has 2 and don’t need one of them please pm me here and we will arrange a trade in game.

Or you can find me in steam: matau88

Thanks tons!!