Global enemy damage and hitpoints

I want to make all enemies have more hitpoints and do more damage. I have modified the right dbr entires (balancingadjustment_mp+difficulty_enemies01.dbr) – I think – and they have some effect in game. But it is not clear exactly what the mathematical relationship is between the values specified and the in-game result.

Can you all help me with the following:


(1) Are the values here percentage multipliers, so 32.0 would yield 32% more hitpoints?

(2) I assume these are percentages and it seemed that I had to set them to 100.0 to get defensiveLife to work. Does that mean less than 100 would give increased hitpoints to only some enemies?

defensiveLifeModifier & defensiveLifeModifierChance
(3) How are these different than the previous 2 fields?

(4) What does this do?


(5) What does this do?

(6) Why is this needed if there is also offensiveTotalDamageModifierChance?

(7) I thought these would be percentages, too. Setting them to 500.0 made enemies deal more damage, yes, but it did not seem like 500% more.

offensiveDamageMultModifier (and its 3 related fields)
(8) How is this different from offensiveTotalDamageModifier?


(9) What is the effect of setting an Array to 0.0, and is it the same as not having any value (defensiveLifeChance is one example)?

(10) With all these modifiers, when do they calculate? For example, offensiveTotalDamageModifier would seem to suggest that damage is summed across all damage types along with any other character or item modifiers, and then at the end, this modifier is applied.

  1. No, this isn’t even a health value, this is a resistance just like all the others in that section. Life resist is vitality.

  2. See 1. It’s a chance for it to activate, 0 or empty means it’s always active.

  3. It’s a resistance modifier, instead of flat 32% resistance instead you modify current resists by 32%, so 0 * 1.32 will still be 0. 10 * 1.32 will be 13.2% resist.

  4. Reduces the duration of vitality decay.

  5. XOR is meant to be used in conjunction with OffensiveGlobal. You set global and xor to true, set a chance for the damage types you want, then a chance for the global.

offensivePierceXOR,1 (true)
offensivePierceGlobal,1 (true)
offensiveSlowBleedingXOR,1 (true)
offensiveSlowBleedingGlobal,1 (true)

So here’s an example, and to sum it up…

25% for everything with global set to true (1) to trigger
when it triggers you have 50% chance for 5 pierce damage XOR 50% chance for 15 bleeding damage over 3 seconds.

If XOR is not set to true, instead both effects trigger at the same time, I think if this is the case since global is true also, it will ignore the pierce/bleedingchance, but not totally sure.

You can do this with modifiers too, not just flat damage.

  1. See 5.

  2. It wouldn’t be 500% more if the enemies already had 5000% damage, it would be 10% more. Not saying your enemies have 5000% damage, I don’t know what you’re working on, but it’s not a multiplier just a damage modifier.

  3. As suggested above, one is a multiplier and the other is not. Total Damage is just a damage modifier that applies to all damage types, it does not multiply anything. DamageMult … multiplies damage. 100% Mult to 500% damage = 1000% damage.

  4. I mentioned this already in 2.

  5. As mentioned, total damage is just another modifier, it applies with everything else. DamageMult on the other hand would obviously be everything else is added up.

Thank you very much. Clears up a lot. A few follow ups:

  1. No, this isn’t even a health value,

(11) So is it characterLifeModifier that I’m looking for?

  1. you modify current resists by 32%, so 0 * 1.32 will still be 0. 10 * 1.32 will be 13.2% resist.
  1. It wouldn’t be 500% more if the enemies already had 5000% damage, it would be 10% more.

(12) The preceding 2 answers suggest that even though defensiveLifeModifier
and offensiveTotalDamageModifier both are “modifiers”, they work differently. The first multiplies by % while the second adds %. Do I just have to figure it it out case by case to see how a “modifier” is going to modify?

(13) Which leads me to ask for characterLifeModifier. For example, is the last value of 1500.0 adding 1500% more hitpoints?

  1. For % HP, yes, for flat health, no.

  2. Pretty much, but for the most part every modifier is additive, the only exceptions off the top of my head are defensiveXModifier, and offensiveDamageMult.

  3. Yes, adding 1500%, so if a monster already has 1500%, you will have 3000%, not … whatever massive number would be 1500%*1500%.

Nice one. Thanks again.

Thanks for the clarification on XOR. I may try testing that out in a few situations.