Gloves for piercing

What are good legendary gloves for an (Armor) piercing build that don’t convert piercing damage to something else?

M. Shadow’s Grasp or some craftable gloves are the way to go. Or M. Bladedancer’s Handguards.

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aye, so nothing purple or good for ranged Armor piercing builds?

for ranged one can use M. Quickdraw Gloves but overall the choice isn’t that big.

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Would crafting greens be a solution or is it farming?

well, I’d say it depends. craftable gloves probably give a bit more space in terms of resists/stats but one can spend a while crafting the desirable pair.

Thanks. I could also use a physical damage based glove set, as that would get converted to amor piercing at the last step (e.g. mythical colossal grasp), I think?

only flat phys will be converted globally, not % damage (unless it’s some special case)

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