Glyphs for Medals - What do you think


I was thinking of replacing shadow strike as movement skill with glyph of spontaneous blades or maybe including glyph of the elusive assassin on my pierce BM since i found blueprints for both.
This got me thinking, are any of you already using some of these glyphs in your builds effectively? If so, what are you using on what build? Please feel free to share your thoughts :wink:

If you want to check my current setup:

still pretty noob so please be gentle :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: i apologize if this is / has been discussed elsewhere in the forum, i did not find any threads though

I am.

EDIT: No need to apologize

I use it to even faster farm rogue dungeons on my trickster and blademaster as second charge ability. I love the one with no range limit the most. On my pet build I use the teleport to escape tricky moments (you can tp even over the little walls at the edge in some crucible). Pets are not teleported with it, so you still must be careful.
If going for rogue dungeons I’m using the charge even on my pet build; of course not on the boss him self in this case :smiley:

I love the glyphs <3 so much.

Also - try this. I reworked the devotions a little.

Cool. That thread was very informative, especially ranged piloting.
Are you sure rune of displacement will also be stronger on MS?
I can agree that it’s awesome to escape fast to a choice destination, but there are no add. effects on displacement like dmg, -DA or fumble.

EDIT: sirspanks, would it be asking too much to come by my place and also help me improve my gameplay? :wink:

In the end game, the damage offered by mobility runes is trivial at best (with the exception of some builds designed to use them).

The amount of utility mobility offers you is generally far more valuable.

If you play campaign or buffed Crucible no need for displacement,another active skill to be used,without doing damage or attaching devotion to it.There are some concerns with leap and disengage runes,so maybe shadow strike type,or charged are fine.