GM #142 - What will it be about?

Okay, since we don’t have a stream to keep us occupied dissecting over the weekend we may as well speculate on what the next GM will reveal. So here’s a poll with some possibilites. But which will it end up being? That we will have to wait and see. :wink:

I have no idea, but voted wishfully for QoL of being able to legitimately jump-start at ultimate.

The number of times that I thought: “Hmm that is an interesting combo of things that I’ve found…could be fun.” Or…“this standard gear that drops on act I ultimate could get me through”.

Then I think of the time investment of re-running the first 2 levels of the campaign and decide “nope”.

However, I’m curious to all the other things coming about, too.

I believe the next GM will be about Grim Dawn. Also, I know it’ll reveal something we don’t know about yet and will hype many of us. Oh, and it will be about the upcoming expansion.

I don’t know why you made this thread when it’s obvious what will it be about. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the new “I don’t know what you’re talking about” mastery!

what is GM?

Grim Misadventure. Development posts/updates basically.

Grim Misadventures. You’ll find them in the Development Updates section of the forum.

Zantai does one every couple of weeks, next one will be on Monday. They can be about all sorts of things to do with the game.

GM stands for Gimme Mastery!:cool:

also I can sense the paladin wannabe mastery revealed in al its glory. Though that would be lesser in popularity now that they decide to water down the name to something else:undecided:

infos about new factions , the only thing is missing from gm ( i guess)

that only after the mastery is revealed. Look at the demand now(poll) and crate should respond accordingly.:wink:

since no dev steam I think this thread deserves a spoiler somewhere what do u think?

I would suggest using GDstash. Recently I started duping my existing level 100 characters to test out different ideas. Being able to rapidly test new builds has been fun.

As for the Grim Misadventure, I predict it will be about the shattering new game mode.

I was going to say, where’s the option where we just look back at the base game and reminisce?

But I guess “something else” covers that! :smiley:

Zantai voted on this poll confirmed by Zantai.

Thought that didn’t happen until the “Look Back at ???” GM at the end of the year. My, the second of 2018 flew by a lot quicker than I expected - didn’t realise year end was next Monday. Why is it time flies by quicker now I’m older than when I was younger. :eek: Guess Forgotten Gods will be released any day now.

oh come on zantai stop playing!. nobody is interested in looking back at the past. We got to move on!:furious:

I’m living backward, the past is all i see.

man, you deserve better than the past. so whichever among the choices here wins the poll before Monday deserves to get the slot:
better start rewriting the gm script Zantai haha

I don´t know what all the fuzz is about.

For all I care, Crate may release FG 12/31/2018 and not spoil a single thing about it until then.

I, for one, still have tons of stuff to do in GD, builds to try out, legs I found and never used until now.

Patience. :rolleyes:

Good luck with that since it’s already written. :cool:

the GM threads are vital for Crate development and Grim Dawn in general. This along with dev stream, facebook and steam thread updates are important way to engage to the community. Not revealing anything between now and release is horrible idea. again people can ignore the threads too if they want. for me I will continue keeping my eye for the holy one reveal because to me its very important maybe not for others.

again what they decide to reveal on Monday is ultimately entirely up to them. My power to beg can only do so little against Zantai’s ignoring powers.:cry:

that does not sound too good. sounds like another week of disappointment but oh well, will see