GoG Connect

So GoG now has this thing where you can connect your GoG account with your Steam account and get the games you have on steam on GoG for free, if they’re available for it.

Grim Dawn should totally be available for that!

That’s a really cool thing!
Got two games for my gog account through this. If they only had a bigger portfolio with actual games i would buy all my games at gog. But i doubt this will ever happen. Crate is one of the few “pioneers” these days. The justified fear of piracy is deeply rooted in the industry. I very much appreciate the backbone Crate shows by doing different.
But even if i have had the opportunity to choose between steam and gog, i would have choosen steam because of the separated multiplayer. Still i would like to see that happen because i just like the DRM unbound full download of the game data and the ableness to store it on any medium i like. Also i could play with friends that only own the gog-version. GoG anounced that there is more to come. Excited which games it is about :slight_smile:

i have 2007 Steam games. i just connected. and gained 4 new gog games ;p

Holy shit that’s awesome

Mmmm maybe not so awesome then lol

Distribution platform GOG rolls out GOG Connect which allows players access to DRM-free Steam games via their GOG library.,