Please update the GOG version of the game from to

Not how it works. GoG and Steam both get updates submitted at the same time by Crate. GoG is always delayed thanks to the way GoG handles updates - unlike Steam, GoG insists on putting their fingers in the pie before allowing updates thru. You demanding it won’t make it any faster.

I hear you pal. Also waiting here. Yes, I think Crate should release new patches at least 1 day early on gog, so that everyone can enjoy new content at around the same time.

Sounds like a bad idea. You’re proposing that they delay their drastically larger playerbase on Steam (even tho it’s ready to go), to satisfy the few on GoG just because GoG’s practices are the reason for that platforms delays?

They release the patches when they deem they are ready to go and you are basically saying, submit to GoG first… Then wait an extra day (or more) to release on Steam… Even tho Steam can have it instantly and they can immediately begin getting reports of any issues from their far larger base on Steam. But hold the phone for GoG.



Correct, that’s my demand. Not a 100% serious one ofc ;). And ofc I’m a gog user, so…


Sometimes I’ve had GOG Galaxy updating the game before Steam does. Just depends on how quickly GOG gets to it.

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As long as we´re at it: Currently no via GOG, right? Just wanna check, not that I´m overseeing smth.

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Yes. I do think we should all have the same experience that steam users have. Grim Dawn has one player base it’s GRIM DAWN. Just because you like to ride GABES poll doesn’t mean we all have to. I hope you pay full price on all you’re games bro.

I didn’t make this post for a philosophical debate with STEAM users. Fun fact you pay 25% more minimum through steam. I never need internet after I install my games on GOG… I can also put them onto a USB legally because DRM is not a thing. But go pay 77.47 for the GOTY on STEAM. Don’t forget to pay 35 bucks for an early access game that may never be finished. STEAM is a monolith that doesn’t give 2 farts about its player base. Unless they play DOTA.

Just need an update to play with my friends.

sometimes you hear something so stupid one facepalm isn’t enough

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Lol. Ikr. The salt was thick with bae.

I don’t need Steam to give a fuck about its playerbase. I just need it to sell me games :smirk: Nevermind the fact he completely, apparently, missed the point of my reply - which was to point out why GoG updates come later.


Steam is really expensive comparative to GOG. I’ve been using Steam since its debut and can honestly say GOG has the better prices and discounts. But you know what’s best. I just wanna play my damn game.

So just because we bought the game on different platforms entitles you to be an absolute dick head? Cool. I was trying to give this problem with the game attention… You know, get some support from the player base…

I have the game on GOG as well; sometimes they update quickly, other times they don’t. Just something we have to live with.

As powbam said, this isn’t something Crate can help you with. They’ve passed the patch over to GOG, now it’s down to GOG’s people to get it out to the players.

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only case that would be true is if you live in a country where GoG offers you regional pricing Steam doesn’t, otherwise prices are basically 1:1, incl discounts
one of the reasons for this is Steam straight up demands price parity, like other businesses do, going back to the days before Steam was even a thing
i’m told for some Epic games are also cheaper than steam because they offer a broader range of regional pricing than Steam’s very rudimentary narrow brackets, but in $, € £ etc etc where regions/currencies overlap, a game also costs 60$ on Epic, like on GoG, like on Steam; Valve wont let you sell a game on their store if you have a cheaper base/fixed price elsewhere

as for user service/customer service that will always be subjective, GoG def has a lot of upsides, but also some downsides; they don’t get all games because some publishers are dicks and demands DRM
also worth to note, not all games on Steam has DRM, not even necessarily the “default” Steamworks drm

That’s super cool, Thank you for an answer.

This thread was entertaining. These things are just what they are, no need to get worked up over something that is, in the end, not even in Crate’s control. OP needs to


Perhaps EASE up ON the random CAPS too.

Say, … rly no gog update as of yet? Or is it just me?