GoG wont fully install the update. Does modding break the online synchronization with GoG?

Hello. GoG won’t install the latest patch, neither does it synchronize the cloud saves with local saves (or vise versa). It started with these issues once I extracted the game files to start modding. Has anyone else had these issues and how would I fix it? A full GoG and Grim Dawn re-install for every update seems rather… annoying and offputting…

Hopefully someone might have a solution for this…


There have been problems with GOG patches not installing properly, but I don’t know if they’re supposed to have fixed it by now. All I can suggest is reinstalling the full game again.

If you use Galaxy, you can patch normally.

Afterwards rightclick your game and select “repair” (Installation).

This should fix any issue with the patches.

What do you mean with, Patch normally? Normal patching for me means galaxy just automatically updating my game, which it doesn’t. Or is there a .zip file i can use to manually apply the latest patch?


I don’t like it, if stuff updates automatically, so I have to manually download updates.

Stuff like that all doesn’t work anymore. GoG just is stuck in an infinite loop. Can’t delete/verify anything. I’ve just used a 3rd party tool to completely remove GoG and Grim Dawn, reinstall. At least now it updated to latest patch. Simply extracting the game files to be able to mod instantly breaks it again. Seems like it does something with the game files making GoG unable to do anything anymore…