Gold chest a no show?

I figure after 1100 hours i’ve learned that their locations are static, yet the one in Warden’s cellar in the hidden spider room was missing today when my toon who just got to Ultimate unlocked the area.

?? anyone else have this happen? As far as i can remember i have NEVER seen a gold chest simply not show up. i farm them with each toon each difficulty in the same places every time.

They can have several spawn locations. The one you are referring to has three different spots in can spawn.

That chest appears in the Ominous Lair, but also can appear in the hidden area to the north in the Underground Transit.

ah ok, so SOME golds have multiple spawns and others are static? because it seems to me i always find them in the same places.

There’s one in the inner necropolis that has a few locations as well.