Gold limit in trading post?

hello, does the trading post have any limit on what is its storage? I have a lot of gold and I’m already going for the second vault

You can keep hundreds of thousands of gold in the trading post. It’s sort of an exploit, especially because invading armies ignore it when calculating their demands.

Very good point. I read this and have proven it by reducing gold held in global storage to a minimum which then , in turn reduces what the invaders demands are. I have seen that this works by occasionally not catching up and then being astonished how much more the invading rats are asking for blackmail protection racket

Once you get to 1000 pop you are earning a LOT of gold from taxes and trading and so very soon it can mount up to the raiders issuing 5 and even 6 figures gold demands if you are not careful. I’ve taken great care to very heavily protect the Trading Post though. I would be good to have a global set limit you could manage for gold where excess is automatically skimmed and sent to Trading Post

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Why does the ransom amount matter if you never pay it? :joy:

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as it takes a long time to accumulate enough fully stocked Forts and troops with heavy weapons and plate armor to counter invaders who are far more heavily spec than mere raiders… even them some types of invaders are virtually immune to arrows and a serious Invader event can set you back years in pop recovery and rebuilding… they have shields and battering rams and make short work of walls. So in early days building up its easier to pay than face their wrath