Good advice for a new player?

By the way, does this game have seasons/leagues or anything similar where things reset every now and then, like in path of exile?

No, it’s a single-player game, after all.

Hey everune. Welcome to the forum!

Are you looking for specific advice? Or general advice?

I’m glad to hear there are no seasons/leagues, restarting every three months is part of the reason I burnt out in path of exile. And spanksalot, I just made this thread to ask for any general advice, as well as introduce myself.

Some guides to help you out:

Ooh, thanks, those look like some good guides to read. It always amazes me how much work people put in to explaining games in guides so others can learn more.

Game mechanics in GD is confusing, and the tooltip can be misleading.

So feel free to ask away with any questions you might have

One more question: Is there any way to trade or gift items in this game?

Only on MP. You need to create a lobby and have people join.

There’s also a pretty active trading thread here

Thanks spanksalot.

Technically you can trade without using MP but you need to be using local saving and it requires juggling save files around a little.

Why are you noob bashing me

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I was born this way. Don’t be a hater.

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Hi, I’ve noticed some spiders in the early hours of the game in these dank cellar environments. Will there be tons of spiders in this game?

I don’t know how to write spoliers, so here’s my answer. In GD there’s variety of enemies races and they are common in the specific area. In Warden Krieg cellar and some early stages there’s abundance of them. Also there is one Boss you need to kill later on main quest path. There’s also famous hidden boss. Also lother insects enemies. But I don’t think there are other areas with many spiders :thinking:

If you are afraid of spiders, @jiaco once wrote a mod that made them all really small. Dunno that it still works anymore tho plus you’d have to play custom games to use it OR learn how to merge mods to override the Main Campaign…something I still need to learn how to do someday.

@nery: I will replace the “i’s” in “spoilers” with 1’s so you can see how to do it


@jiaco: I get the pun. good 1 m8


your advice is helpfull for me thanks for sharing ,i think this is a great advice for a beginner player thanks again

thanks and regards