Good crossbow builds ?

Anyone can tell me what skills/class is good for crossbow ? I think i go fast attack ( attack speed very more i need ) and maybe elemental dmg ? Today i lost my 39 lvl druid where i have more nice items but i think i can find more totday or tommorow. Any idea ?

I have a Commando using xbow…demo & soldier maxed with ~26k dps at lvl 77 so far…taken a break from it for a while whilst I’m levelling a saboteur but it’s pretty fun!

I hear that dual wielding is better than a 2h weapon, however at least the armor piercing from xbow is enhanced by Oleron’s Rage!

Well, players usually go for Magic damage with ranged weapon and use Fire Strike for that (it adds tons of flat magic damage and makes your attacks AoE).
Going physical/pierce with ranged weapons means you’ll probably have lackluster DPS.

Dual-wielding have higher potential in endgame, but your choice depends a lot upon items you was able to obtain. For example, i was lucky to get a Silverbolt (one of the best legendary 2-handers in the game) and Shadowflame Mantle (very powerful item for 2-handed ranged weapons), so i stick with 2-hander.

playing a PS elementalist now, used crossbows mainly, simply because was best stuff found heh. But its not focused on xbows alone, if a rifle shows up thats better …

Pierce dmg giving more dps for crossbow yep ?

PS Druid:

PS Druid with Wind Devils for resistdebuffs:

PS Elementalist:

PS Conjurer:

I think i go for first Arcanist and Maiven Sphere for absorb dmg from monsters. Next step i go for nightblade for pierce dmg and other auras.

PS Conjurer is by far the most easy and most fun build I played until now. I’m only mid-level, so I can’t say how Ultimate will be, but for now it excels everything else, and did so from the very first level on.

Tell me about my idea :slight_smile: What do u think good ? I go elemental dmg on arcanist tree and i think dps is getting nice.