Good job with devotions icons

Amidst all the buff and nerf talks, I want to say good job giving some devotions new icons. I only noticed it on wayward soul and inspiration (?) so don’t know if other devotions also received similar treatment.

It’s in the changelog. All procs now share 5 icons instead of 1. The icon depends on the area of the sky. Wayward Soul is in the red area so red icon. Reckless Tempest is blue. My guess is Inspiration is yellow.

It works pretty well. Hungering void, giant’s blood etc etc. different colors and depends on which star affinity it is grouped with.

but hey now I am starting to miss the old icon! :rolleyes:

Great job indeed. Takes time getting used to since it’s still not personalised icon for every devotion proc, but it’s huge step forward from the clusterfuck of same blue icons we used to have before.

A shame that some constellations still share the same icon. For example, Ghoul, Hungeriong Void and Wayward Soul. But still, 5 icons are better than 1…

Indeed thumbs up for the icons. :slight_smile:

On a side note, for Fleshwarped Strikes it’d have been cooler to have a different icon.
I say this cause of the skill’s description

A green textured Bone Harvest Icon would’ve been cooler imo because the description says “Corrupting Touch”.
Bone Harvest’s “Claw type” icon seems better suited for this than the current re-textured Fire Strike icon