Good Starting Lvl For an Ultimate Character

I was curious what a good starting level would be for a character beginning in Ultimate. I’m not a huge fan of playing repeatedly through difficulties and Normal is too boring/easy so I want to start right at Ultimate. I still want to experience growth with my characters however so I don’t want to make them start at 100.

I’ve got a L76 Mage Hunter in Act 5 Elite so my guess would be late 70s/early 80s assuming you have the AoM expansion. If not, then probably around mid-70s for the base game since cap for that is L85.

Can’t really see much in the way of growth starting in Ultimate myself. Say you start at L75, you only have 25 levels to grow. Compare that to starting at L1 to end of Act 6 Normal where you’re getting around 55-60 levels of growth. Also bear in mind that you may well hit L100 before you come close to finishing the game content. My Conjurer hit L100 halfway through the Asterkarn Valley in Ultimate leaving the rest of Act 4 and the whole of Acts 5 and 6 still to be played. And he’s pretty much a straight playthrough toon with no farming. Plus I’ve no idea how starting so late would affect your devotions.

OP, are you using a character editor or are you being powerleveled in Cruc or what exactly?

I would be using Defiler and GD Stash

OK, so you can pretty much just plug in devotions and skillpoints/statpoints inc. quest rewards. Don’t really see much of an issue here other than what Medea mentioned, growth is pretty slow after Elite. 75-80 for AoM seems about right.

Cool that sounds like a good level range. Thank you for the help :smiley: