Goods and gold out of Trading Post in a heartbeat; not being transferred in

Trying to make trades in the trading post, I have gold and goods being transferred from the trading post to global storage as soon as I click my mouse. However, trying to transfer gold or goods into the trading post – nope. Sometimes it does – after the trader buying what I want to sell has gone. I know that it takes a laborer or someone to bring the goods I want transferred from global storage to the trading post; same with gold. It just isn’t being done, even though I have more than 60 laborers. This just reinforces my agreement with those who have proposed dedicated “delivery drivers” to move goods around.

The only people who stock the Trading Post are the Traders themselves.

That is because the trader post can’t work with goods they don’t have, so they have to go find it. On the other hand, they do have storage even though we can’t see it. Upgrade says it increases the storage. This has no affect on the qty of items they can hold for selling however. So anything you release to the general inventory is moved to storage within the trader post, not carried off elsewhere. Now any of the other villagers can come pick it up when needed.

I find this annoying because there are buildings with specialties for preserving food longer, and securing gold better, but these items do not move there.

The traders? Or the workers placed in the trading post? Or isn’t it the workers in whatever venue I’m trying to sell from (e.g., farmers bringing honey or potters bringing pottery)? Whatever – it would work more smoothly with a dedicated corps of delivery persons whose only job would be delivering raw materials to factories and processors, and good for sale to the trading post. It just takes so long for whoever is bringing the items to actually do it that often the trader I’m trying to sell to is gone before I get a chance to make the sale.

I guess I’m going to have to try to anticipate what I want sold and stock it in the trading post before traders arrive, and keep it in stock there. Eep. More things to try to remember – and I’m 75 years old! :rofl:

The problem is the time it takes for whatever I’m trying to sell to be delivered. It usually arrives after the trader is gone. As I said to CallMeBlackSheep, I guess I have to be pro-active and stock the trading post ahead of time with items I might want to sell. That requires that I remember stuff. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The workers placed in the Trading Post are Traders. The guys who come into town are Travelling Merchants.

I get around the long wait times by having my storages near the trading post. It might take some storage management depending on how the town layout is, but it worked very well for most of the goods I wanted to sell. You can also do this exclusively for heavy items (stone, furniture) that take the Traders many trips to complete based on weight.

I have three storage buildings; one of them is right next door to the Trading Post. Doesn’t always help, if the item or resource I want to sell isn’t stored in that particular storage building. What item is stored where seems to be higgledy-piggledy. I’m going to try the pro-active tactic I mentioned. Thank you for taking time to answer.

Storage currently works that a villager will drop their resource at the nearest storage building currently accepting that item when they start the store task. If it’s already stored in a storage building, deselecting won’t move it out of that building it will simply refuse any new items.

I specifically only accept stone at the storage building right next to my trading post, I have an excess, and so it takes moments for them to stock stone instead of months for a single trip.

The good news is there will be a feature coming that will allow better management and the ability to move one resource from one building to another.

Good luck on the Frontier, either way you do this I hope you make a lot of gold.

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There is a little check box on the left of each row that you can select to keep an item in stock. It will remember how much you selected to have and only keep that much in stock so if you don’t want to deplete your village of having some of that item for instance, you can use a lower number. This will allow the trade employees to replenish what you sell either while the visiting traders are present or even in between cycles. You only really need to rush restocking when you have thousands of something you want to sell, but even then often the traders that visit just don’t have enough Gold Ingots to buy them all.

You sell stone? That is the one raw resource that sometimes runs out first in the field. Or at least it used to. Since the latest patch, I’ve been seeing more.

You sell stone?

My town started next to three megarocks. I haven’t dropped below 2500 stone for a long time even though it’s not harvested by anything but one work camp. This was the only town that I have specifically sold on since it was much more abundant than other maps.

you have the option to move to global storage or keep in the trading post when you buy.

Occasionally, you will have a trader selling something below market price and another buying above market price. You can pause the game and buy from one to sell to the other instantly Only if you are selecting to keep it in the trader.

If you chose to move anything to global, it disappears but can be used. The current fix is saving/reloading. But to move things into the trading post requires ‘traders’ employed. They can take many ‘days’ just to stack 20 which isn’t effective if you want to stack 100 before the merchant leaves.

This is a feature of the game. You need to plan what you want to sell in advance if you have a lot in stock so they will keep it full.

I do think one of the perks of an upgraded trader should be that they get a wagon to load up more goods with so they don’t have to run back and forth for heavy things like stone.

I upgraded my trader. I got 5 notifications in a row of new traders. Opened my building, it said 4 traders were inside. In fact, it was only 2 of the same traders displayed twice. . .

The real problem here is that moving stuff out of the trading post does not actually move it to global storage. It just “marks” it as available for village use, but dumps it into the limbo storage of the trading post. That is why it is instant to ‘go out’ but takes time to come in. It has to be brought there, but does not need to leave. At no point will you see it again in storehouses or your vault. That is what they are trying to fix. It is also why you can get full storage notifications when it looks like there is almost nothing in there, because the other stuff is still there. Oh and yes, raider can still steal it from there.

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This is a bug that happens when traders arrive while the post is being upgraded. Try and time the upgrade to the periods when traders aren’t likely to show up. If you prioritise the upgrade it should be done well before they come back.

Yes, that’s what I meant by being pro-active and stocking up. I’ve been doing that since yesterday, and it’s working fairly well. This game is very complex – or complicated! Such a steep learning curve for this granny!

Yes, this is what I meant by being pro-active, in a previous comment. I’ve been doing that since yesterday, and for the most part, it’s working.

I, too, have a storage building – now a warehouse – right next to my Trading Post – now a Trading Center. I’ll arrange it to have needed items – pottery, cheese (which I’m making huge amounts of and have some to sell), and other resources and goods for sale – in that warehouse only. Thanks for that tip. Glad to hear about the coming feature. Thank you. And thank you for the well-wishes and for taking the time to answer.

It can take MONTHS to move stuff into the post…

LIke hey move these 100 pieces of cheese… 3 months later 2/100

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