Google trying to get into the gaming market by doing away with consoles/PCs

" We don’t buy DVDs any more and CDs are probably something your parents have on a shelf somewhere.

It’s also easier to buy video games online than physical copies now, through consoles or PC services like Steam.

But what about the consoles - could those disappear too? Google certainly thinks so.

The tech giant is launching gaming service Stadia on Tuesday, which allows gamers to jump into the latest titles with little more than a decent broadband connection and a Google Chrome browser."

a) not everyone wants to stream and who’s going to pay for the youtube channel?

b) can see a severe restriction in the type of games that might be available to play.

i wonder what’s the backlashes from game console companies like sony and nintendo to this madness.

Well, they are killing YouTube next month. Oh wait, they own YouTube. Wonder how anyone will trust them with anything after that.

While Grim Dawn may be a “commercially viable” game, I am not really interested in only playing games that google can sell and inject advertisements into. I can just see myself on 5 HP about to drink a pot and then have to wait 10 seconds to click “skip ad” and then find my toon dead.

Yeah, exactly jiaco. Or pay for the subscription service to avoid the ads. Well, there’s a surprise.

What happens to youtube?

The issue with stadia and any other similar services is latency, and from what I’ve heard googles solution is to use machine learning learn how you play and predict you actions in advance… All I have to say to that is yeah no thanks

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Google Stadia is already being projected to fail before the onslaught of Microsoft and Sony and the likes. Forgot to link you this the other day… nothing to see here anymore :smiley:

Basically, Stadia is just another Google experiment. Unfortunately for that experiment there are more experienced players in the video game realm that can outdo Stadia.

Note: this isn’t me endorsing this form of “gaming”. I could care less for it either. Regardless, this is the direction the winds are blowing. This is just me saying that Google is out of its league here and I have to agree with this particular articles view of the situation. There’s a handful of other articles already singing a similar tune.

And yes @jiaco - what ya mean about YouTube? I’m not seeing anything talking of killing it.

Well, Youtube aside, the thing is no matter if it’s Stadia, PS Now or xCloud, while i find it nice for People who don’t want to buy Hardware & Games, but simply playing and have a well enough internet, to have such an alternative. My Problem is however, even more for Company like Google Stadia that they don’t feel like they want to offer something additional / alternative, but try to dominate in the extremes… and while sure, i buy more Games Digitally nowdays, i still prefer to being able to download a game and start / play a Game anytime i want without any concern of my Internet Stability. Y’know - it’s already for me a huge bummer to have Games, which requires Online-Only even though it doesn’t make much sense to me, to being forced to it. Majority of the Games i own, heck even MMO’s i’d like to have a option to play offline. I remember how i wasted many bucks on Tabula Rasa simply for the server to be finally closed, and now i’ve nothing from it anymore. Meanwhile Games like Diablo 1+2 i can still paly and enjoy. That’s why to imagine playing even proper Singleplayer-Games online-only via streaming is even worse.

And also, i tried PSNow, so it’s not like i judge beforehand, but the Input-Delay due Latency is something which i instantly felt…

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Yet another thing for collectors of obsolete gaming platforms who like making everything a million times more complicated and wasteful, giving more and more power to horrible corporations.

Why download games, when you can use ten times as much bandwidth streaming those same games. THE CLOUD. oohhhhhh…yessss, the future. The logic is sound for sure. Google surely knows what’s best for you. In the future just plug your brain to the pipeline and let them brainwash you a little more, like good sock puppet. Don’t forget your credit card number on the way in to subscribe, they know everything else already.

We are just numbers, nothing really matters, just that, how much money we can spend till we die and become useless just like this gaming platform.

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It appears that there has been a misinterpretation by content creators…

And good lord, jiaco… what is that site you’re reading lol? I dipped into the comments of that article you linked and holy hell…

This place is definitely inviting the whack-jobs in for tea it appears. Instead of an “About” page it has a “Manifesto”.

Interesting leanings going on at this place. I’d digest anything coming out of there with a heavy dose of salt - not just the commenters, the person who wrote your article was spitting some political fire as well, with clear intent to foster violent ideology (frequent all-caps usage, frequently bolding, comparing YT to communism at the end of the article).

@jiaco @powbam
Thank you for your answer. I kinda feared / wished you come up with this jiaco, and even more powbam with his answer. Because i heard about this before, because i didn’t trust in that statement, because it made for me no sense. I mean Youtube’s core-idea was to give a plattform to share video / content… so it’s kinda wonky if they would delete Accounts.

Well, but with the answer of powbam it lifts a bit weight from my shoulder, due though i don’t do youtube regularly, i(/we) still upload some gameplay / let’s play videos for my friends (with no intention for making money out of it, it’s simply a small hobby of a friend and me).

Well conspiracy theory aside, i’m not even sure how Google or other People think how this should work out in the future anyway. Do we really have enough bandwith for all people to constantly being bound to streaming videogames, even more considered that technical standarts of games will raise from generation to generation. Digitally Games which you can download, is easier, because it doesn’t require much (and constant online-only) so even majority of the plebs with their lower bandwith can buy and download Games, even if it takes time… but streaming will be hardly playable.

It appears that alot of the hubbub and “fears” surrounding this is stemming from YouTube purging “hateful” videos and the people creating them this past summer:

Looks a bit to me like fear-mongers are attempting to twist it into “other than” territory here and there and reading conspiracy into it all - tho it seems that “innocents” here and there wound up deleted on accident, I’m assuming re-instated once they pointed out YouTube’s algorithms had made a mistake. I agree that it wouldn’t make sense for them to neuter something that’s been so wildly successful.

I agree… to me it’s just a horrible idea I really want no part of. I can handle digital storefronts like Steam etc… but streaming - nah, not for me. I can see there being a market of people doing it tho, those types of people who don’t want to hassle with needing a good PC or hassle with learning the ins an outs of such things etc. It will probably become a viable alternative - and as long as it stays just that, an alternative, I can live with it being a thing.


Yeah, ZH is great, but lets leave the comments from there off this site, @powbam.

There is a similar type of information on youtube, very niche, but I prefer to watch that than whatever is trending.

A service like Stadia will just be more of the same. If it were to suceed, the next generation would only know AAA game studios. Steam might not be perfect, but there is a level of anarchistic freedom that someone from my generation can respect.

Well, i’m similiar to this if it comes down to Movies and Series. I can’t get into Netflix and such, only buy some Movies / Series on Google and Microsoft Store, but that’s it. I know it basically also streaming, however for me there is the big difference that i can watch these movies whenever i want. I don’t run risk that certain Series / Movies get kicked out of there service and moved to another one. Also i’ve the big issue, that subscription feels like their is a “timelimit” for how long i can watch until i need to pay next, and that kinda stress me out so much, that i can’t fully enjoy watching this. The Same is with most Gold / Plus Games of Consoles and the new Microsoft Gamepass… while i might use Gamepass as a Demo… majority of the Games which i try and like i buy anyway, due this timelimit stress me out too much.

Also another Issue which i see, and that’s something which gets more problematic for the Movie / TV Industrie as well. It might sound neat and amazing at first, that you can watch many different TV Series and stuff at one place. However once such a thing gets Popular, other Companys try to follow and instead of like 3 big Streaming-Services, than you might have one for each company. Than you have Xbox, Sony, Google, Ubisoft, EA, etc… and they kinda canibalize each other, because as a consumer you need to decide, because no-one pays for many different services at the same time for 5 or 10 bucks each. In the end it’s cheaper simply buying the Game you want to play.

But yeah, i agree 100% with you Powbam… as long as it stay a alternative, i can live with that as well.

Let me ask you this. If Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo (afaik the 3 consoles of today) were all American companies, do you think people would still have 3 different consoles to choose from?