GPU fan goes crazy, only in gd

nomen est omen.
with starting grim dawn and showing the game on the monitor the fan goes crazy max speed and is so loud.
Problem is only in Grim dawn - no matter what settings.
Problem is not with Path of exile, d3 or any other game.
The gpu temp is 60 and ok.

amd radeon r9 380
drivers are uptodate.

lose all the fun playing the game with this problem. problem is since aom addon.

Dont think I’ve ever heard of this before.

You could just use MSI afterburner, and force the fan to stay at a lower speed while playing GD. :wink:

Just make sure your temps don’t go too high.

Have you turned on V-sync? The issue is probably that GD is not very demanding, and allows for incredibly high FPS. Those super high FPS, even if not very demanding, causes a lot of heat and the fans kick in.

Try and limit your FPS. V-sync is the easiest way to do that.

It’s actually pretty demanding but oddly not on the GPU but the CPU.

And incredibly high fps, can’t say that is the case for me, I just got a new laptop (latest i7, 6 GB gtx1060) and it still won’t go above 100 fps except in a very few indoor locations. I admit I have everything set to highest, but still the game is now 2 years old and this computer wasn’t even on the market before last December :wink:

I find some other guys with the same problem. So its not only me. :rolleyes:

I use an R9 380 and don’t have this issue. Have you set a fan profile somewhere that has defaulted to max?

I have this issue too, also with r9 380. Can´t play crucible anymore because the fan is so loud. Never noticed this before the release of AoM… :undecided:

With a desktop CPU, which run at much higher clock rates, you get a lot higher FPS. And high FPS, even if they aren’t highly demanding on the GPU, still produces a lot of heat in most cases I’ve run into.

have a new thread now in the bug reporting forum. Maybe I / we will get help.

Like I said some other people have the same problem. :furious:


Just use a framerate limiter.

And this is caused by the game running at max frames, which means your GPU is working it’s ass off instead of being limited by other stuff. A point you failed to notice before, so maybe now it’s repeated you’ll fluffing get it T_T


like i said before. limit the framerate dont work. A point you failed to notice before, so maybe now you get it. T_T :rolleyes::eek:

Except you didn’t mention that in this thread at all :rolleyes:

How totes smart of you.

As for this - limit fps via another program, preferably to 50fps and use a custom fan profile via the MSI program. Combined this will insure the GPU isn’t running hot enough to need the high fans, but keep it cool enough (i.e. about or below 70C, GPU’s can run at that temp fine) that it shouldn’t need high fans in the first place.

Or just get an aftermarket cooler that’s quieter, since usually the AMD partner ones are noisy at top speed and not always the best at moving heat in the first place.