GPU: GTX 1050 Ti enough?

I grabbed this wonderful game when the expansion launched recently. Currently I am running a R9 280X but that GPU is annoying me since the day I bought it because it is too big, has too many cables clogging up my case and it gets too hot and thereby too noisy. I just noticed that I could sell this card on Ebay and get a Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Mini for only little more than I can expect for my current gpu. It would be smaller, cooler and quieter but as far as I understand it would also be a little step down from my R9.

Does anyone have any experience with the GTX 1050 Ti (maybe even the Zotac variant) and can tell me how it well it works for Grim Dawn? Will I be able to run the game smoothly on max settings? I am playing on a 1920x1200 display, does that further affect the performance?

I also saw in benachmark videos on Youtube that GD only uses about 1500mb of video ram. Would I be fine with the 2gb version of the gpu?

And finally: How likely is it that future expansions will significantly increase the hardware reqs?

This game is more limited by the CPU than anything. I have a 1050 Ti and it runs okay on max settings, but there are some drops. I think this is a function of my CPU though.

No matter which card you buy, you’ll experience frame drops when you get enough stuff on screen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a high FPS crucible video, for example.

For reference, I can run the Witcher 3 on high settings with no problems on my 1050 Ti

Iam actually playing on a stone old GTX 570 with 1.25 GB from 5 years ago and the game runs totally fluent on 1080p. So yeh, as a 1050 Ti is almost trice as fast it will suffice anyways.