Grava thul Debuff shit

I remember when you could stack DA to death, I also could facetank him with shitty resists at this point. Never dropped to below 50% HP, but now it’s like you fought Mogdrogen with 0 lightning resist. Seriously. I even can facetank Lokarr for a few seconds and then lose ~60 - 80% HP, but it’s hard to die on him even with shitty physical resist and 24% overcap in fire/lightning.

I think I know wtf is causing all my deaths. I got oneshotted again, so I chose to reduce everything in Grava’s skill set to 1 (“Skill tree” page). He didn’t hurt me at all this time, but when he prayed to Jesus (raises his hands and looks into the sky), casts his Nullification, and the same animation is used for another skill. However, not the Nullification is the problem, but the other skill. I don’t know what that skill is, unfortunately, but it either seems to have enourmous damage, even at level 1, or my PC is too shitty to even register wtf is going on and therefore some frames are skipped causing the game to not calculate damage properly (it did the same once with Aleksander, when he casted his meteor and hit me for ~27k, even though I had ~30% physical resist, 3k armor with 100% absorption and overcapped aether resist). Why I think so? I lost 2k health after he casted that skill when I was standing on Inquisitor’s seal, with overcapped Chaos resist and nice resists/armor in general.

Perhaps I could send it in bugs report, but I am not sure if it’s a bug in my end or in the game. I’ll try to find out a bit more about this, if I find some time.

EDIT: I actually checked his skills animations, and I haven’t found anything with the same animation as his Nullification. Issue is, after he hit me when I reduced his numbers to 1, I didn’t become nullified.