Grava thul Debuff shit

I know this nemesis name after yourself, but you dont have to make his/her (dont know this is male or female) debuff so op. Fight>got debuff > run> rebuff> repeat. Any solution?

“Don’t re-buff, be a man and fight till you kill it.” - USER_NAME_01 2018. Oh wait, that’s me!

Use only the most important buffs, so defensive ones. Or just none at all.

Meh i just facetank him by standing still. So he actually needs a buff. :smiley:

Maybe after i have BiS gear.

What certainly can help in fighting him, is you use some nullify on him.
Like the devotion skill Cleansing Waters to remove his aura.

See Grava’s stats here:

If you have a casting skill to heal or take damage absorption, than use that ones he nullify you, and quickly reapply your buffs. And Or watch for the animation he does when he uses that skill. (His hands or wings high in the air).

Thanks i ll try your tips

His ball of doom can be dodged:)…and my that i mean manually dodged by you the player not the in-game stat %dodge.

You don;t have to run too far in circles to do that, you just need to dodge it well enough that the ball has to make turn that is too abrupt and can no longer home in on you.

You can trick it even better with mobility skills if your build has one

If you put a wall between you and him whe he casts, the balls will hit the barrier and dissappear. Or you can maneuver them to hit something while running.

If you kill him before he casts the debuff, you don’t get debuffed. HeadTap.png

I have never had trouble with his debuff… his debuff casting animation gives you a lot of time to run away, and the debuff orb disappears after some distance. There’s enough time between each debuff cast for you to deal enough damage to kill him.

Only nemesis boss i’ve never managed to kill with melee without dying. That is why i only kill it with builds that i can kite with.

I’ve been having issues with Grava lately, which never happened before to me. The issue is being oneshotted despite overcapped chaos resist and 25+ physical resist. Heck, I even went on him with a build with 29% physical and 6 or 9 % (don’t remember exactly) physical resist (~40 overcap in chaos in both cases) and doesn’t matter the HP, be it 9k or 12k, he happens to oneshot me with his charge time to time. And if the charge doesn’t kill me, he uses his double swipe and follows it (fairly often) with another auto attack right after (no delay). I kept studying his GT, but in the end I always ended up with only physical resist reduced by 28, so either 1% physical resist or in case of the other character, under -19%. Armor is always over 2k, so even if the main damage that could kill me was physical, it was heavily reduced (either fully or drastically reduced [by 80%]). So I was not giving up and thought GT isi missing something, but everything was exactly the same when I checked game files.

Is there something I am missing when facing him? Basically, if I don’t move and he charges on me, I die, no matter the defenses, if he charges, I keep on moving, he misses (because that’s how Blitz works, perhaps SS does the same, dont’ remember), but then his swipes come in and his Entropic Void or whatever is the name of that black-ish, red-ish orb on the ground. The Void thing is not a big deal, because it’s slow and I always avoid it (same for his dispelling orb-projectiles he launches). In case someone points out his aura, yeah I know about it reducing max HP by 28%. Funniest thing about his charge is that the maximum possible damage he can pull off is 2544.36 physical damage, 1249.02 chaos damage, which both get reduced to 544.36 (let’s just assume I have only roughly 2k armor) and 249.804 chaos damage. That’s only 800 damage and I still get oneshotted by this skill. It’s like he reduced my resists by 200% before hitting me.

So basically, my character has ~8600 HP, and ~2400 armor, 29% physical resist, constant 80% chaos resist, so my HP drops to 6192 and he hits for a total of ~350 damage. The fuck?

I feel similar with Aleksander meteor, it does not look that impressive on paper but hits like a truck

Have you seen this?

I’m pretty sure Aleksander’s meteor benefits from +% damage on whatever scepter/offhand he’s using. It’s the only reason I can think of for the absolutely wild variance in its damage, where it can hit for 14k on one spawn and 5-6k on another. Though it wouldn’t explain much for Grava’thul, since he has no weapons.

A lot of his skills have Reduction to Enemy’s Health. So i assume it must be that what’s killing you. His fire damaging wave: Spawn pets at the target point
(100% Chance on Attack). Could it be that he spawn a Entropic Void right under your feet?

I do know that if you remove his auro (like with the devotion Cleansing Waters) it make a huge difference with fighting him.

Aleksander’s meteor has probably the highest amount of flat physical on an enemy skill. This combined with the high amount of aether leads to the skill dealing massive damage.

I mean, I kept running away, he launched his charge and then I got trapped by a random obsidian ravager (that doesn’t reduce resistances) and he killed me, nothing was under my feet, tbh. The other time there was literally nothing nearby, not even his Entropic Void. I literally don’t know wtf is going on with him.

Imho his physical is the biggest risk if your resistances are reasonable.

  1. He has a debuf aura that reduces your total health. His charge increases his attack speed so he can hit faster.
  2. His wave reduces health and can give you a miss chance which can impact your adcth leech. His ball of miss can impact your adcth leech.
  3. His skill debuf attack does ~1/3 health reduction

His fire and chaos is mostly taken care of with resists.

Literally fuck Grava, lmao. I got oneshotted again, this time right after he targeted me. I don’t know if I am retarded or there’s something going on with him. He’s the only enemy that actually can oneshot any of my characters that are farming-focused. Deceiver was the character, chaos-based, and I had 50% overcapped chaos resist, 19% physical resist and ~1900 armor (98% absorb), 11.5k HP. I literally have enough of this guy, can’t even pass through him.

Am I actually the only guy having issues with him? I feel retarded, I actually do.

I only fought him with my S&B Witchblade, which just laughs at him. :wink: