Greeting from France

I saw that this game was made by the TQ guys on Kickstarter. Since I’ve spent countless hours on TQ and mods, I contributed and here I am.

For the past months, I’ve been playing mostly POE and dabbling in some MMOs. I played a lot of those too.

Among my favorite games are Diablo I and II, CCTP, Hearts of Iron, DAoC, MtG (the first game) , TQ of course, Mount and Blade.

I’m taking a long (and maybe definitive) break from POE after being a Silver Supporter in CB.

Waiting for Grim Dawn eagerly.

Welcome to the the GD-crew Skjuld! The alpha will arrive soon.
Why did you quit PoE? I was a bronze supporter there btw.

Welcome to Grim Dawn and enjoy your stay.

Great to hear that you have experience playing this genre of games and I hope to read some of your future ideas for this soon to be awesome game (if it isn’t awesome already yes?).

Bienvenue, Skjuld. Tu verras, la communauté est super sympa et on ne peut pas trouver de développeurs plus proches de leurs joueurs.

Edit: Tu n’es pas le Skjuld de Lord of Ultima par hasard ? Si oui, encore plus bienvenue à toi ^^

I did a LONG post about it in the thread about POE in offtopics. If you want the short of it, I feel that the game is becoming much worse with OB.

The devs did a ton of changes (resists, abilities, scaling) and introduced a new act and relied only on alpha-testing with a dozen or so ppl picked from the ladder top.

As it stands, it desyncs as hell, melee is a joke and pretty much the only viable option is to pile up life and resists. Diversity is gone. Worse, I think it’s been sacrificed because the devs absolutely want their game to be viewed as “hard” by their top players, no matter what form it takes.

I’m also rather pissed by some of their decisions. Basically desyncs are an effect of their netcode. It’s NOT a bug, it’s a consequence. They have intimated that several times.

Yet, knowing that, they STILL decided to implement several design features that CAUSE OR AMPLIFY desyncs. Features that make sense from a gameplay PoV, but just cause problems with their technical choices. Yet they more or less stated that it was a correct decision, because they don’t want to make the game easier, like D3.

Bottom line is that GGG seem to feel causing extreme glitches is ok, as long as it makes things “harder”. That is, being “hard” takes precedence on everything else, even technical performance, let alone fun or diversity.

I’ll keep an eye on their forums, but I feel they’ve become too obsessed by their “hardcore” tag. To the point of making very bad choices and testing them in an echo chamber of like-minded players.

And yeah, I’m aware of Alpha :slight_smile: That’s why I hopped aboard now :slight_smile: Kept an eye on the updates, but I prefer to give feedback when there’s something to test :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah non… Jamais mis les pieds là-bas :slight_smile: A la base, c’était mon premier perso de DAoC.

Welcome Skjuld. Glad to see the community growing steadily ;D

Bonjour poilu.

Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

I agree with several of your points. I’ve only played PoE for just a little while before ghosting back to D3 only to be disappointed all the more.

Combat I agree isn’t smooth and seems to be “old” when it comes to technical performance. Difficulty and scaling is really bad. One of my main characters was a zombie/skeleton summoning witch on HC and even though I tried to upgrade the zombies/skeletons, attached a health gem on the zombies, AND overleveled the areas by a lot (I think level… 24?) I still not only lose my summons in one hit but also die in two-three hits by even “basic” attacks (act 1 boss). For that reasons I kinda felt meh about the game since the scaling of summons is terrible and certain attacks are more devastating on them.

I also didn’t really like the look of the game as it seemed to be a bit too bland when it comes to the environment looking the same or the enemies looking the exact same (hard to diversify one type of enemy so they don’t look exactly the same, but worth it imo).

As for “challenge”. Again the act 1 boss and several elemental enemies I felt were a bit too damaging. If anything a boss, mini boss, or even normal enemies should have charge up attacks which would then deal a ton of damage. Normal attacks should be low damaging, aoe attacks lower damaging (as they aoe is about higher chance to hit).

Anyways I really hope Grim Dawn delivers and I’m glad that we are all participating in trying to make this game really good even before the alpha comes out.

Yeah. I hope we can make a contribution. I guess we’ll better see how communication with the devs go when there is something to give feedback on.