Greetings and Hello!

Greetings folks!

Pretty much a brand new nub to Grim Dawn as I’ve only been playing for 2 days now and have only been reading the forums for about a week.

Just stopping by to say hello!

The game has been extremely easy to learn as the feel is not much different that what I’ve played in the past. I blame that on over 20 yrs of online gaming starting way back during the “text based” MuDs. From there I graduated to games like EQ, Diablo 1-3, DaoC, TQ, WoW, etc etc… way too many to name and looking at the bookshelf to see all the game boxes brings up tons of memories! I’m sure I’m not the only one. :wink:

So far, my time has been focused on trying to figure out what class I want to level with. I’m already on my 3rd class having deleted a previous one and have 2 playable. I’m comfortable with any class regardless of face tanker or caster, so it’s going to come down to trying to find the right feel to me.

I’m looking for a high AoE / Single target build that has great CC and can take a beating - so it’ll come in time as I get the gear that builds are dependent on. (I’m following some builds from the build compedium II thread)

For now I’ll enjoy the game, explore, do quests, and listen to the wife bitch that it’s 3 hours past bedtime.

So great to be here and happy hunter all!



Welcome to Grim Dawn!

I’m just over 20 years old myself, and I have no idea what “MuD” stands for, would you mind enlightening me?

So the dream build, eh? Can’t have it all mate… or, well, you can, but you’ll learn enough to build any build competently enough soon enough.

Someone posted a AAR + LN build recently that looked decent. Don’t know how the CC capabilities are, but you can check it out!

MuD - Multi User Dungeon. Pretty much the first instance of multiplayer type of games. However, back then you also had (AOL chat room roleplaying). It’s all text based so would go something like this.

Market Square - Would have the description written out. You see such and such standing here. Exits are North, West, South, East.

The game would take input shortcuts such as E to go east into another “room”“zone” etc etc… then another description would pop up for that particular room.

Following is a link that describes it’s origins:

Hello ChristianJock07

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn!

Hi, and welcome !!!