Greetings and salutations

New patron here, I just spent my last dime on making this happen.

Huge fan of the genre of games that is arpg.

I know my 50 bucks is a drop of water in an ocean but I hope it helps get this game released and further improved on. Not sure I am going to have time to play the alpha, as I just wanted to support you guys, maybe I will have a Father’s Day request to have a good sit and play some grim dawn.

I know you guys will make this game great



Welcome sir :slight_smile:

Glad to have another ARPG fan on board the Grim Dawn express to total destruction and awesomeness.

Hope you eventually find the time to play the alpha, otherwise the support I’m sure is very much appreciated.

Have a great Father’s Day!

nice to see more backers joining the ranks, hope you enjoy the game, as its really something, that is for sure