Greetings and Salutations

Hello Im Asmonok. Im 32 years old and spend majority of my limited free time gaming or intoxicated(or both!).

The first game that ever really drew me in when I was younger was Diablo back in 96 later Diablo II and Titans Quest. Outside of those three games Ive found very few that hold my interest for very long and few that arent just disapointments.

Just watching videos and even caught a few streams of Grim Dawn filled me with a feeling I havent felt towards a game in a decade “excitement” and “impatients”. I figured if just watching someone else play the game can get me so worked up that I just have to get my hands on it myself. So I just purchased the Patrons edition of the game so I can provide myself immediate gratification(installing as I write this).

Another Grim Dawn supporter! Great!

Welcome to the GD community.