Greetings fellow players

Hello and greetings from Germany.

I bought and played Grim Dawn in 2017 and then somehow stopped without finishing the main story…

Since the new Expansion came out, I got AoM and FG together and had a blast.
( over 250 hours in steam :smiley: )
Currently fighting my way through Elite… :wink:

Hope I can find help with guides and stuff and maybe find friends to play with :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Welcome to the forum and back to the game. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!From your nickname I think,that you’re playing Eye of Reckoning Dervish :wink:

Thank you. Sorry to disappoint, but the nick dates back to the Days of Magic the Gathering Card game. One card was called nearly the same :wink:

Whirling Dervish , yeah a old nice green card , protection from black and get +1 +1 when hit an opponent :slight_smile: , Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Forum. I totally forgot to make an introduction myself, I am also rather new.
So, how is your character going? I am actually looking for a multiplayer partner, but modded (The only mod would be one that makes multiplayer a bit more challenging. Well, challenging at all. Vanilla multiplayer is easy mode, especially on multiplayer. Just asked around for clarification in a thread yesterday).

I would even suggest to use a merit so we can start in Elite with a brand new char (Or use the merit, leveling them quickly on veteran till we are on an acceptable level).