Greetings from Canada

Hello all Iron Bit Collectors.

I’m not new to Grim Dawn but I am new to the forums.

I bought the Loyalist package a while ago and played for a bit then set the game aside just after Act 2 had been released.

After some time on other games the ARPG itch came scratching again and I couldn’t help but want to give this game another go.

I’m hooked.

After a week of testing out builds I’ve finally found one I am proud/comfortable with and have decided to start streaming whenever I am online playing.

It will be almost exclusively in Hardcode/Veteran. (I might test new content in normal as to not die to ignorance)

Glad to be a part of this community and to test out the Alpha of this awesome game for the Crate team.

Thanks for this great ARPG and I look forward to getting to know folks in this community.

Welcome to the forums Cruentus!

Next build which will include multiplayer is just around the corner so it’s a good time to come back.

Definitely looking forward to that for trading.

Not a big fan of duping.

welcome. can’t wait for multiplayer, too

Welcome Cruentus !!

Hope to see you at Grimaholics…:wink:

Grimaholics? never heard of such a place or disease :stuck_out_tongue:

any way…

Hello Creuntus and welcome to the forums