Greetings from Japan by a French man

Hello everyone,

First, excuse my bad English. I will do my best to be understandable.
I am a French man from Lyon (one of the most beautiful cities in the world) living in Japan (Tôkyô, the ugliest capital in the world, but veeeery charming and easy to live in).
I am a researcher (in japanology) and a short story writer (now, I am writing stories about zombies).

Grim Dawn is one of the games I am waiting for the most. I particularly like the general design choices and the athmosphere. If this game is just as good as Titan Quest, il will be a blast. If it is better, it will become the best in its category. That is why I bought the “Epic Fan Edition”.
I hope to have interesting exchanges with you.

PS : Bonjour à tous les francophones qui passeraient par là !

Bonjour !

Je vois qu’on a les mêmes espoirs vis-à-vis de ce jeu …

Bonjour. Oui, et bientôt il nous faudra un sous-forum francophone.

translation : Hello. Yes, and soon we will have to use a French speaking people dedicated sub-forum.


I am also living here in Japan. Live up in Aomori-ken but I did live in Tokyo for a bit. I don’t know French but have been speaking Japanese for about 6 years now.

Welcome to the forums!

translation : Aomori prefecture ? I’ve never been there but I’d like to go there one day. Nice to meet you.

It feels good to still be able to reald Hiragana. :stuck_out_tongue:
I admit I have huge problems with Kanji though.

I think one day I will go to Japan as well. :slight_smile:

(Oh! Un français, salut! J’hésite quelques fois à partir à l’aventure aussi du côté du Japon ou un autre pays asiatique, peut-être pour y enseigner l’anglais, ou autre chose ^^").

Back to English for all the rest of the people: even if I barely arrived, welcome around here! ^^

Bonjour. Au Japon, face aux “native speakers”, les Français ne récoltent que des miettes sous-payées pour les cours d’anglais. Il vaut mieux y enseigner le français, mais une licence de FLE est le plus souvent exigée. L’université de Grenoble permet de la faire par correspondance avec le CNED.

translation : Hello. In Japan, compared to “native speakers”, the French only get bits of underpaid English teacher’s posts. It would be better to teach French, but a university degree in French teaching ability is often required. Grenoble University allows you to do it with the National Studies at Distance Center.

Hello Harlequin, nice to meet you (are you French too ?).

Erf, malheureusement ce n’est pas à pratiquement 27 ans et le néant niveau expérience professionelle que je vais recommencer mes études à zéro (la dernière fois que j’ai vérifié, pour obtenir le FLE c’est Bac+4 minimum, peut-être que ça a changé depuis ‘.’), surtout que j’ai déjà mon master d’espagnol a finir avant. Merci quand même! :slight_smile:

In English: Argh, sadly I am not going to restart my studies all over again at 27 years old while I have little work experience (not mentioning that last time I checked, the French ability diploma requires 4 years of studies, it might have changed since then), plus I have to finish my master in Spanish first. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

On ne sait jamais. Avec de la chance, dans une plus petite ville…

transl. : One never knows. In a smaller town maybe…

Ça tombe bien, je n’aime pas trop les très grandes villes. Tu saurais pas si les asiatiques sont friands de l’espagnol? :smiley:

In English: Better for me, I don’t really like very large cities. Do you know by chance if asian have any interest in Spanish?

Je pense qu’il y a moyen de faire valoir sa valeur ajoutée (le fait d’être trilingue) pour trouver un job dans une petite école privée à la campagne ou dans une petite ville. Les candidats ne sont pas si nombreux.

I think it is not impossible to put one’s added value forward (the fact of being trilingual) to find a job in a small private school in the countryside or in a small town. The people applying are not so numerous.

No I am your neighbour, from Germany. :slight_smile:
I know we had a tough past but I really like France and the language (even though I don’t speak it but I am willing to learn it!)

Guten Tag ! Derzeit lerne ich deutsch. Ich kann noch nicht sprechen, aber wenn ich deutsch höre verstehe ich grosso modo.

Hello ! I am learning German now. I cannot speak it yet, but when I hear it, I can understand globally.

Damn, how many languages do you talk? That’s quite impressive! :slight_smile:

I tried German twice, but it never really worked out, might give it a third chance though. I am trying Japanese right now, but I am taking classes at the university as an audit only and I am not studying it seriously enough to be good at it, even though I am getting most of the grammar. I think I am one of those persons who would need some kind of intensive language classes before spending some months in a country that uses that language, that way I would be able to learn better! :smiley:

hej, rart at møde dig velkommen til!

Translation: hey, nice to meet you welcome!

What a detour - going from France to Japan to learn German :smiley: are you preparing your next move?

Nice to meet you. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Danish, but I like your country’s culture and nature. :slight_smile:

Learning foreign languages has always been one of my hobbies. I cannot speak many languages :cry: (English, Japanese and a bit of German), but I am trying to learn as many foreign languages I can (classical Japanese, Ainou, Hebrew, Chinese, Corean, Dutch, Portugese, Latin, Kambun, old French). Next will be Catalan, Esperanto or Serbian :p.

As I said elsewhere, I am ready to help translate Grim Dawn in French (for free, of course) or to help correct the translation.


… unfortunately, I’m not bi-lingual. -sadface-