Greetings from Middle Earth

Hi guys - Kiwi gamer here (New Zealand)

Loving Grim Dawn (bought it a while ago, but recently got back into it) - Loving it (3-4 characters atm and definitely will be making at least one of each class)

Keep up the great work - and look forward to more to come

I suppose “There and back again” makes sense in your return to Grim Dawn lol.

Welcome back.

Hello AngelusNZ and welcome back to the forum and ofcourse Grim Dawn!

I actually LOL’d :slight_smile:

Thanks DeMasked - and great post on the different builds by the way - been trying Demo/NB Regenerator - enjoying the playstyle of that combo.

Looking to see what would best combo with an Arcanist when it releases - I have 2 set pieces (and the talisman craftable)

Yea that build was pretty fun. A pyromancer using Vindictive Flame and Blood of Dreeg with good health regen gear can easily get over 800 health regen/second with Blood of Dreeg being active that character was also enjoyable.