Greetings from Sweden!

Hello Everyone!
With Act 2 around the corner i think its enough lurking for me, for i probably shall have many questions.:stuck_out_tongue:

First i have to say… What a brilliant game! I absolutely love it and i wish to thank the dev team for an awsome job… Thank You. :slight_smile:

As for me, Im a Swedish Hydropower plant technician that enjoys almost everything the world has to offer.
Being a gamer all my life i have played almost everything, but arpgs are something that i enjoy the most.
And when i saw Grim Dawn i was hyped ( and still am).

And so my introduction comes to an end, Have a great day and i hope to play with you when mp is ready.:wink:

Welcome kappe9107!

Glad to hear that you are excited about the game and feel free to ask any questions.

I forgot a question that i had, When backuping my save files, is it enough to copy the grim dawn folder located in my documents/my games/ grim dawn
or is something else needed.

You can do that if you want. It’s mainly the SaveData folder that is important or if you are just worried about the characters it would be SaveData>main which contains all characters.

You can use characters folders to also trade/give items to people via email.

OK! thx for your reply

Also all your Transfer stash items are contained in the “My Games/Grim Dawn/save” folder. I would definitely back up this folder also.

Welcome to Grim Dawn kappe9107.

Welcome to the community!

Hello from Australia and welcome to the forum. :smiley:

A big hello from Canada (sorry we beat your hockey team in the Gold medal game):wink:

Welcome to the forums, glad to hear your enjoying the game.

Welcome to Grim Dawn !