Greetings from the Immortal Emperor!

Venerate the Immortal Emperor! Since the new 40k APRG raised the red flag and is in early access, I decided to see if I could make an Inquisitor the style of 40k. Turns out you can!

81 hours in between my primary 2H ‘Ride the Lightning’ Druid and this new DW Purifier, there’s still so much fun to be had.

(1/3 Posts before I can link my current build)

Hey there , what is an “emporer” has it something to do with emporiums?

Just for you, I fixed it.

And welcome.

You just killed my joke evil moderator!!

Praise Sigmar, another Inquisitor! But what is this 40k abomination of which you speak?

been sick for ten days straight, so consider this my ‘immortal poo on the Golden Throne’ joke.

Welcome to the forums and enjoy!