Greetings from the tides of the oceans (with a gift from me)


Just wanted to greet you since I am new here (Bought my early access yesterday). The reason why I joined this community is because I am a fan of TQ although it has been long time since I played it (few good years ago). I always found TQ a good alternative next to Diablo (also D2 and D3 player here).

Generaly I am a big fan of any good aRPG’s (after Grim Dawn I am now waiting for Lost Ark and Umbra). You should definitely check also those 2, they are under development but the gameplay is killing the system like Grim Dawn.

Although I just started my with Grim Dawn I already began to play around with a great version of SweetFX to improve the color and the performance of the game to make it more enjoyable to play and to admire. I will be happy to share the goodies with all of the players here and I hope using SweetFX will be totaly legal and free for us by the permission of our devs). The goodies as a gift for me to all fan of Grim Dawn is almost finished. Just a couple of minor settings and good to go.

Here is what I cooked in my SweetFX kichen:

Original Grim Dawn color:
SweetFX Grim Dawn color:

The colors are more alive and the game is lovely to play <3.

I hope we will together enjoy the fun here on the forum and on the game.

Best regards.

Those colors look great. :slight_smile:

(@no-one/everyone I can’t use links, even if it’s in a ‘reply’? lol)