Greetings from Wales

Came across Grim Dawn a few days ago when I was searching Youtube for videos of the latest Diablo 3 season… Started watching the video and thinking to myself “How has he managed to get an interface mod working with D3”… shortly followed by “Hmmm - I don’t remember this zone being in game” :slight_smile:

Eventually I realised it was another game - and after doing quite a lot of searching and finding overwhelmingly positive comments about the game on Youtube and other sites I decided to purchase it on Steam and give it a go - and Im certainly glad that I did!

Yes the games not quite finished yet, and there could be significantly more help for new players - but I was pleasantly surprised by how ‘Old School’ the game is in many areas - including death penalty and grave run.

Looking forward to many happy hours running through the game on ever increasing difficulty settings - as well as trying out stupid build combinations :slight_smile:

Hiya Draksyl

Welcome to the forums and Grim Dawn and glad to hear you’re enjoying it. The Game Guide is a very handy source of info, especially the Combat chapter and the tips/help etc for new players is being overhauled in the next build, so hopefully that will help a bit. :smiley:

I don’t believe everything they say about Wales… I’ve had the occasional week of sunny weather while hillwalking and camping in the past, though I’ll not comment on the Velcro gloves :wink:

I dated a Welshman for a minute.

He was able to literally find a fault and complaint in absolutely anything I gave him or showed him or shared with him.

It was almost superhuman, really. Good person though :slight_smile: Long time loyal friend who would literally do anything for me I asked if I needed help.

Welcome to Grim Dawn. It’s a great game that’s only getting better!

Hi Draksyl , you are welcome! enjoy Cairn!

I was at the bar the other night with my buddy having some beers. We had been there a while when two large girls came up to the bar and ordered some drinks.
I noticed when they ordered they both had strong accents so I said
‘Hi, are you two girls from Scotland?’ One of them spoke up, with quite an attitude and said
‘it’s WALES you idiot!!!’

So I immediately said
‘Sorry, are you two Whales from Scotland?