Greetings from WI

Hey guys!

My name’s Mike I came here because I really enjoyed a play through of Titan Quest. The game was awesome, perfect complement to Diablo, and it has multiplayer which Torchlight did not (I like the art direction better in TQ as well, still Torchlight rocked!).

I live in WI, I’m 20, and aspire to become a game developer. I think you guys are doing something really impressive with the indie game company. It gives me hope!

I hope to get to know you guys all a little bit better and learn a thing or two, and put in some game advice perhaps!

Welcome! I live in WI too. so cold

Welcome aboard. This board seems to really attract youngsters aspiring to be game designers lately :slight_smile:

I live in Wisconsin as well… :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard.

Nice. I live about 30 minutes north of Milwaukee myself.

Hello from Russia! :slight_smile:

Здравствуйте :smiley:


России-замечательная страна!

I may live in Canada, but my family is from Russia! :wink:

У меня плохо с русским, Да, немного…

Hello, I’m from WI too and just recently found out about this game. :smiley:

Welcome aboard… :slight_smile: