Grenado focused build?

I’m having troubles figuring out how Grenado is supposed to be used.
I’m trying to build a Grenado focused Commando with everything toward Physical, Pierce and Internal Trauma damage but even though the skill damage itself is pretty, having only 30% chance of getting the cooldown back leaves me plinking with my pistol a lot.

Is a build using Grenado (and Cannister Bomb) as its main attack a dumb idea and should that skill only be used as a burst?

My Grenado Elementalist seems to be doing fine.

A fire+lightning hybrid always seems to net the best possible results as you can see by the Grenado output on the left.

The Grenado output on the right is a “Chaos” focused Pyromancer that uses Chaos Strike as LMB to charge in then fires off “Chaos” Grenado’s at point blank range. It uses Necrosis and the granted skill “Obsidian Tremor” when both Grenado and Chaos Strike are on cooldown. Build is around level 76 so not finished but it’s damage output isn’t going to increase too much from here.

I feel you need something “in between” bursts to make the most use of the skill. But it depends heavily on your build. For a physical focused build I’m assuming you’ll be using War Cry and investing into Flashbang. You may have other “item granted” skills that you could abuse whilst the skill’s come back up.

The 10% phys to fire conversion on “Ulzuin’s Chosen” is a real kick in the nuts for physical builds and non-fire conversion builds. I feel this should be changed to flat fire damage in future builds to allow people to make a mostly physical Grenado build. I know it’s “only” 10% but everything counts…

Ive tried Sorcerer, Elementalist and Comando Grenadier. Comando did the best, but i have a feeling that most of it dmg come from ulzuin torch mine proc . Elementalist sucked hard - you are forced to use Savagery for OA/Da buff, spam damn devils and drop mines, just to see a pitifull 70k-80k crit once per 5 minute. As for sorcerer, id rather spam Devastation+CT rather that invest in grenade.>_>
Perhaps Aether grenade could work? With blood orb of chton, agrivix malice and alrberteich duality?