Grilled Mac-N-Cheese Deluxe Edition

So, was feeling a little “peckish” and I have some leftover home-made mac in the fridge but don’t feel like eating just that. I fire up Ye Olde search engine to get some ideas what to do using it. There were a number of them but the grilled cheese approach sounded the most enticing. Naturally I did not even read their method or recipe whatsoever. I like to do it my own way. All I wanted was the idea.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Threw pan on burner for 5 mins at a low-ish setting to get it warmed.
    ** Maybe nuke the Mac a bit if its been in the fridge. I did since I wasn’t entirely sure if it would heat thoroughly during rest of the process.

  2. Turned it up a bit more when I returned and grabbed bread (white) and buttered both slices (you know the drill). Sprinkled pepper over the butter. Sometimes I like to lightly dust it with parmesan as well but I’m out :frowning:

  3. Threw one slice into pan and squirted some mustard (yellow) onto the up side.

  4. Added 1 slice American cheese.

  5. Added 1 and a half large spoonfuls of the home-made mac.

  6. Added a handful of sliced onion.

  7. Added 1 slice provolone.

  8. Finally, add last slice of bread, squirting more mustard onto the non-buttered side before slapping it down.

  9. This thing is a bit taller than your average grilled cheese. That’s ok. As long as you had all your ingredients ready it should have taken you about a minute to get everything on. Let it cook for another minute.

  10. Spatula salute! Get ready to flip this bad boy. Get the spatula under and get ready to flip it. Fast. The top is going to be loose since there is no way the heat will have penetrated so far. I pulled it off with no fuck ups fortunately. Once flipped press down on that baby to end those worries once and for all. Awwww yeah.

  11. Hopefully the 1st side looks more or less done, golden brown. Let the other side fry for a couple minutes and then flip it. Flip as needed until you achieve justice with both sides.

  12. Alright, you’re probably getting good and hungry now, I was. Take her off and name her after the woman of your dreams. She deserves it looking that fine. Now take out a big knife. Sometimes you have to kill the ones you love.

  13. Lucky number 13. Time for surgery. Split her open in diagonal slices. Trust me, she looks better gutted than your real love would. Smells better too.

  14. In a normal world you would think we are finished. We’re not. Oh what’s that salsa doing in my fridge so lonely? Come here you. This is fresh chunky style salsa (medium). Not that crappy liquid-y stuff you get. Put a nice spoonful over each one of the cuts, try to keep as much built up liquid out of the spoon (or better yet use a fork, why didn’t I think of that earlier?), and spread it to cover the top fully.

Now, I know some of you are thinking whaaaaaa- is going on here. Ya so was I and I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to like this Frankenstein. I’m happy to report success and it actually tasted amazing. So amazing I’m going to make it tomorrow and make my wife eat it whether she wants to or not. I’ll take a picture and post it here for my fellow foodies.

And if any of you got the nads to try it out lemme know what you think.

Sounds amazing!! I will definitely try this later in the week.

Alright! Glad I got a taker because it was actually pretty damned tasty. At first I was most worried about how the mustard would taste with it but it surprisingly fit well and I thought it was better because of the addition.

I’m glad I tried it tho and it can easily be tweaked all kinds of ways. Different cheeses, maybe dijon instead. Bacon or ham. Maybe even different type spreads other than the salsa on top (which worked good for it as well).

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  1. How high were you?

  2. I pooped myself just thinking about eating that many carbs at once.

Hahaha. I was actually drug-free at the time! /shrugs it happens :wink:

Go ahead and try it sometime. You know you wanna. And yeah, it was pretty filling. Hit the spot.

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