Grim Dawn [] Comfy SC Spellbinder

Acid resistance is a little low and as you can see at the end, this isn’t really a HC build without some optimization but still fun, full build here: Spellbinder, Level 95 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Video of the build here: Grim Dawn [] Comfy Spellbinder with quick build showcase - YouTube

Feel free to Improve the build and give any tips, it isn’t truly finished so i kept it at 95

Edit: Alternate version to try: Spellbinder, Level 95 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

some choices there i’m curious about if you don’t mind indulging me?
you have lightning conversion on Callidor, but don’t take Inferno
you 1pt ill omen, but dont’ use it as proccer (or dmg seemingly)
you put 3 points into Foul Eruption, yet that only works on kills especially made by the Ravenous Earth’s attacks
You take Olexras’ Flash Freeze, including Absolute Zero, spending generous points on it, for what reason, CC? (only freezes trash, and you could get the aoe dmg elsewhere)
you have high conversion, but take almost no Soul Harvest?
You also don’t take Reckless Tempest or Harbinger of Souls, but put a few points into Master of Death when your OA even without components/augments already seem decent? (and your vitality resist is mad overcapped)
No Mark of Torment? not even 1pt Mirror?
Nemesis i assume is for the DA reduct? (PS wendigo devotion on Nemesis heals nemesis not you, and your cat is already immortal)

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