Grim Dawn 2 Tower Defense ~ Isometric Action RPG ( Dungeon Seige 2 Example ) City Building?

Grim Dawn 2 Tower Defense ~ Isometric Action RPG ( Dungeon Seige 2 Example ) City Building ?
Any inroads into possiblitities with storyline & Genre ( Real time RPG ) A little bit akin to Spellforce 3 perhaps ? Exploration massive open world with Town/Settlement honour system much like in Gothic 3.

Also having played Grimarillion Mod for quite some time has this given the developers some ideas and inroads to Character classes and hybrid classes that will be available upon release.
And perhaps a Paragon point leveling system of sorts upon reaching level cap?
I was supprised that Horizon Zero Dawn lacked a Paragon points system upon leveling to the level cap and completing the Campaign mode.

Thanking you for your feedback ~ we will wait and see what happens in 2 or 3 years time.

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What Crate may or may not have planned for any GD2 we don’t know, but we do know what they’re working on atm.

A town builder entitled Farthest Frontier, due to go into early access some time this year all being well.

You can wishlist it on Steam.

And RTS game which will be set on Cairn in a pre-GD period

and a horror survival game.

From Dec 2019:

An RTS has already been confirmed. Maybe they want to tackle an RPG down the road.

I hope Grim Dawn 2 will be, if it ever happens, a pure ARPG, that will simply build on and upgrade the masterpiece that is the original

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