Grim Dawn at Night

true that about fps drops :wink: yeah that’s great to hear, i bet all session members have to use the same levels.arc, correct?

updated to version 0.6, tell me what you think

my own oppinion after playing this setup for an hour now, checked all the areas, 1-2 ticks more darkness, but overall looks pretty good, i have the feeling that textures, especially on walls and rocks become more visible through this setup :smiley:

Good day, thanks a lot for this mod, goes well with the game title. Wish there are more of these kinds of mod where you can play it with vanilla. Will be looking forward to your next mod.


Yeah after importing this, I don’t think I can ever go back to Grim Day. Great work, many thanks.

It´s fine. :cool:

thx for all the feedback, i appreciate that! new version 0.7 is going up in a few, you will like it i bet :slight_smile: hf

Ver .06 is fine, why change anything now? Nooooooooooooooo! :o

:smiley: in my personal taste, it was a bit too bright again, adjusted that, fits better to what i had in mind, no doubt, but, for sure, you can always stick to an older version :slight_smile: but try it first, then decide.

I’m saving the world!

At night.

I’m bartering!

At night.

I’m running away from a Nemesis!

At night.

I’m traversing the Necropolis!

At night.

Yeah, well, it’s all fun and games until you take an arrow in the knee.

At night.

I know, I know. But how do you expect me to resist that kinda temptation?

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Liking this. Gonna try this.

Great mod.

nice :grin: could be a good opener in a warcry manner for this worldmap setup, i like it.

there are no bows in this game :thinking::laughing::wink:

Doing BoC is better in this mod, pitch black dungeons get boring after the 1st run. Please do it to all dungeons, thanks. :smiley:

Will this mod get expansion compatibility? I really hate the daytime in this game, to unreasonable levels.

I’ll second that!
That would be great.

Crossbows bruh.

I really am interested getting this mod as I can only run the game with consistent fps at night. The links aren’t working anymore. Can it be reuploaded or someone send it to me? Thanks.

Not sure what the mod does but you can freeze the game’s time and have permanent night in Grim Internals.
You have worse performance during the day mostly due to shadows I suppose.