Grim Dawn Bestiary Update #1

Hello again Grim Dawn fans!

Artist monkey Ben/Allminoxy here with a new slice of creature goodness from the bestiary pie! For today’s entree, I would like to present to you the Ch’thonian Voidfiend, summoned from the festering depths of the void itself! He enjoys eternal darkness, long walks on the sunless blood beach and massaging your spleen with his teeth!

I hope you enjoy!

Attachment: render_comp_02.jpg

It seems perfect :slight_smile:

That is cool as hell! Bring on the ultra violence!!!


Cool update.
Does the elite version have facepaint like Gene Simmons?



That is one awesome looking monster there. Can’t wait to slay it. 8)

Looking good; I like the style with the spines on his back, and the giant claws… XD

Wow, my spleen is gonna enjoy this!

Oh my god.

I didn’t think it was possible for you guys to blow me away more than you already have but damn.

Fantastic! Can’t wait!

Very nice, very nice. So I understand now that the Ch’thonians are demonic in nature and style with the Aetherials being undead and ‘warp’ energy based.

Looking forward to any and all future goodies that you may have to share with us! :smiley:

whoa this is really cool its very creative i like to kill that demonic creature:p

It’s a male or a female?


That is all.

I have to say, though, that I am noticing a trend in which all the more bizarre creatures have very long, slender fingers/claws. :rolleyes:


Oh, can’t wait to see how it looks when I kill it

HOLY EVIL! True Metal <3

just the one image???

kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

but what a beauty is that monster, everything that a monster should look, I hope that monster has a hero version of it too?

looks really good, and very scary as well, can’t wait to meet well run from it like the wind

you are certainly very talented, there is no doubt about that, GD will be a fine game with you onboard, as the monsters from your contribution will add to the game no end

awesome job there;)

It looks awesome!!!
Closer we are getting to end of the 2012, more I wonder if we’ll get chance to put our hands on alpha :wink: