Grim Dawn Calculator in offline

Hello friends, can I ask, is there some option, how to use Grim Dawn Calculator in offline mode? I have older notebook for my train traveling without internet and Grim Dawn Calculator will be perfect for planning and trying my chyracters. I tried to download it with HTT Track, which save web site to offline browse, but it doesn’t work.:frowning: I have Titan Quest Calculator offline download with HTT Track and it works perfect. Or is there some flash application (like Heroes 5 Skill Wheel for example) for offline using? Best way with Czech language included.

I will be very grateful for it.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean

Because grimcalc hasn’t been updated for years now. grimtools is currently offline, but hopefully will be back up some time over the weekend.

Thank you.

The site is not available.
Please try again later.

I will try it next week.