𝐈𝐈 - Grim Dawn Clan

Welcome to II

II was created with one focus in mind…having fun.

We are a mature (20+), relaxed gaming community based within the EU.

Our aim is to provide a place for players of all ranks and gaming experience to enjoy a stress free environment.

Grim Dawn is one of our main primary games with teams being built and friends being made each day.

We are currently preparing to next expansion! and looking for high competitive players.

Feel free to join us or apply on Discord; https://discord.gg/G6uwaj2
(Ask to Community managers for your () rank then u will be able to use Grim Dawn lfg trade and voice channels)
Or add us and chat to the admin’s below;


Welcome to the forum.

Might help if you explained the concept so others know a bit more about how you plan for this to run since the game is mostly single player orientated with a small multiplayer option.

Btw I like your contradiction.


Pretty much our goal is bring the Grim Dawn lovers in to the same pool and enjoy the game together, not just sharing loot.My opinion playing the video game always better with friends no matter what.Good thing Crate Entertainment already give us mutiplayer options so why shouldn’t we use that for good ?! it will be awesome to play together this master piece, farm gear engage the challenges as a group.I don’t wanna compare to Grim Dawn with the other projects but in my opinion Grim Dawn deserves more love so i wanna do for it what i can.

Thank you for your attention, Have a good day!

Well just created an account to post on this thread. Started playing Grim Dawn alot more since i broke my foot and I am looking forward to playing with a community of gamers who enjoy Grim Dawn just as much as I do!

There aren’t much open servers these days so having a Discord sounds like a cool idea. Looking forward to it

Sorry about your foot buddy sad to hear that hopefully you will be better soon!

See you in Grim Dawm :wink: