Grim Dawn for the Nintendo Switch

Just was wondering if Grim Dawn will perhaps be ported to the new Nintendo console?
Would love to be able to play it on a small portable device :slight_smile:

Highly unlikely, I doubt the Nintendo has DirectX support, so a port would be a lot of effort, which is better spent in many other ways (an expansion for one, heck, even a XBox port is probably easier and would reach a larger audience - but I would not expect that either :wink: )

Don’t fall into the port trap. PC games and Console games are different for a reason. Hard to go from a game that was made for a keyboard and mouse, to a controller, and still have everything go okay. They’d be changing keybindings and targeting all over the place to support it, and it’d be clunky as hell to do some of the more basic things with a controller.

Game already has controller support, so that isn’t really an issue. While Grim Dawn on console would be awesome, Crate has more important things to do atm (expac & new game).

But seriously, consoles are terrible. Especially this most recent generation, jesus. And the Switch in PARTICULAR is shaping up to be a clusterbomb of terrible design decisions. Like, OK, I get that Nintendo loves having a gimmick or two for their consoles post-Gamecube for some reason, but why? Why can’t they just make a solid console with a controller that isn’t pantsu-on-head?

Will be cool to see port on nintendo switch, cuz games of this genre fit well for a portable device. Would buy it.