Grim Dawn is coming to Xbox!

I’m pretty sure Zantai just confirmed 1080p 30 fps on Xbox one which all consoles will use at launch through backwards support. Unfortunately no enhancements at launch.

I can’t be more clear with my comments.

If you don’t understand my posts, then it’s on you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the big question is, when is Farthest Frontier coming to Xbox image

No, the big question is when is Farthest Frontier coming - period! :crazy_face:


Thanks for your comment Deathfrost, I was just hoping that one of the devs could answer my question about resolution and fps as Zantai didn’t confirm it with actually saying it. Was just curious and hopeful for 60 fps as throughout the dev period of porting it to the Xbox, multiple comments were made that when porting the game, optimizations to the game were made for the pc version to run more smoothly, so I was hoping that meant that the engine was going to be able to run at 60 fps on the xbox console as well. If not, I’m just happy to have it on the xbox and wait for a possible patch for the newer consoles while I’m playing, but was just looking for more clarification if possible.

Well, Zantai might do a few more balance patches, if the community points him to outliers, but probably smaller ones and less frequently.

Should feedback of Xbox players result in some quality-of-life features, these might be added to the PC version, too.

Maybe they will add bonus content (to FG). Could happen if artists and designers have an unexpected downtime…

Severe (your milage may vary) bugs will be sorted out. But I expect them to focus on their other projects.

@Zantai - are you able to confirm if Grim Dawn on the xbox will have couch coop or not? I will buy this in a heart beat if I can play with my wife on the couch and split screen!!!

Any chance we can get a price-point before pre-order time?

If it’s $40, I plan to gift it to a co-worker.

If it’s $60 and only digital, you guys lost a sale :frowning:

As awesome as that sounds, I’m afraid it was out of scope for us. Maybe some day!

It’s priced just like the Definitive Edition on Steam, $55.


One last try lol, I was curious if we could simply have the user option to enable the stable 30 fps or choose janky (Xbox one) 60 fps which should be stable on series consoles. Titan quest had this option across all Xbox consoles. This would be awesome. Also few of us have VRR.

How about a poll, everyone please respond if you would appreciate a 60 fps cap option in a patch.

I’m not sure how easy this patch/option would be for the devs but I find it hard to believe if anyone would be against this option.

Also really excited for the near release while filling in the time with the recent back ward compatibility of Sacred 2. Not a perfect game by any standards but a gem for sure

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Ive waited 4 years for this news - just great - instant purchase on dec 3rd from my side. :slight_smile:

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Just registered on the forums because of this announcement. I’m a console player, so I am getting this immediately; been watching it and waiting for the release.

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So… The game is up on Xbox store. Unfortunately, the trailer that is there is a PC trailer and at the end of it it says “releasing in March 2019” :roll_eyes:

All of the screenshots are from the PC version as well.

So we still don’t know how the UI, control and graphics are on Xbox.

To make things worse, the steam version is around A THIRD of the price on Xbox here in Brazil, which means the Xbox version is much more expensive. (Steam version is 66 reais and Xbox is 205 reais)

So yeah, I’m disappointed so far…

Guess I’ll have to wait for reviews before buying it, even thought I was hyped

EDIT: Steam version here is actually 105 reais, not 66. Still, it’s almost half the price of Xbox version

This is sort of a newb question - a few Xbox games have actually supported mods; will Grim Dawn? Just idle curiosity.

I’ve been waiting for a long time. I hope there will be Chinese after listing!

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Far as I know the Xbox version is exactly the same as the PC one. The PC controller support is a direct result of the work to port the game to Xbox as are several other things we’ve had over the years.

I tried to find some information about regional pricing, but I have not been able to find out much. Maybe it’s an oversight :man_shrugging:

Yes, it is included - go to Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition | Xbox, select the MORE tab and press SHOW MORE to see the full list of supported languages.

The only thing my searching has turned up is that Xbox does not have regional pricing, whereas Steam does - so this is an Xbox\Microsoft thing and probably nothing Crate can do about it unless and until Microsoft offers it.

Unless you can find proof that they do. I didn’t see anything about it except for statements that they don’t.