Grim Dawn is coming to Xbox!

We are thrilled to grow our community on the Xbox and expand the ARPG offering on console. Grim Dawn will debut on Xbox with a “Definitive Edition” that assembles years of expansions and free content updates into one convenient package by bundling the Ashes of Malmouth expansion, Forgotten Gods expansion, and the Crucible game mode!

Finally Xbox players will be able to explore the darkest corners of Grim Dawn’s vast, immersive world, where secrets abound and untold terrors lurk. Known for its rewarding itemization, dual class system, choice and consequence questing, factions and rewarding end-game activities, Grim Dawn is sure to entice fans of the genre both new and old.

Preorders become available November 22nd, with the game release on December 3rd!


This is fantastic news… only because it means people will finally stop asking about it :scorv:


is there any changes being made to make it more controller friendly?


the celestial crate in the xbox version won’t be just a mildly amusing box. it’ll be Xtraordinarily amusing Box.

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Fantastic news after all the frustration of getting it through certification. :grava_yes:


Congratulations to the whole Crate team! Hope it will sell like fresh buns :slight_smile: !

congrats! very nice achievement! :heart_eyes:

This, there are still things impossible in the current controller scheme

  • Changing pet behaviour
  • Viewing mutators

I’m curious to see if and how that is tackled for the xbox version, and how that benefits the controller on pc

Will this coincide with game being listed in the Xbox store, or can that happen before?

That is great news. However the fact that we have not seen a single screenshot or video or gotten any information about series X or s support or the resolution, fps, graphical options it supports is kinda weird to say the least. Not jumping on the hype train until I know it works good enough. Just look how they butchered the gta trilogy definitive collection.

Last time I checked Crate Entertainment isn’t Rockstar. Not even remotely related.

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Totally agree but the same we would have said about CD Project Red 3 years ago or Blizzard 10 years ago. Times change and so do companies.

I mean is it really that difficult to tell us how it runs and show us some confidence in your own product? I see everyone raising questions and noone answers them. Surely there is someone at Crate who can answer these basic questions like resolution, fps, crossplay/save support yes or no, better controller support to pc as wel or not etc etc.

Well, they already said in an interview a while back that there’d be no crossplay.

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Here is what I can tell you about Crate - Ive been closely following most everything that they do for the past 7 years, (along with interacting with them, primarily Zantai) since they entered Steam Early Access. The Crate from then… you will be overjoyed to learn is still the same Crate now.

They still do things above board, same as then, they still interact with the community same ways as back then.

From where I sit, they will still be the same Crate in another 10 years if fortune holds out.

Does that mean that your list of wants for the Xbox will be checked satisfactorily - dunno. You sound like you might take those particulars way too seriously so Im not sure what all you really want or expect.

Keep in mind, to my knowledge, all the additions to the game over the past years, controller support and optimizations ARE the same things that are coming to the Xbox port. In fact, we got them primarily because of their work on said port. Will there be any major differences? Dunno but from all I’ve heard they are largely going to be the same.

You should be able to draw some conclusions there. Plus Im sure that once things start going live they’ll list any relevant info.


what happened with gta trilogy?

It’s crap evidently.

I’m not sure who “everyone” raising questions is. The screenshots/videos question has come up before, but if you want those…we already have a demo of it on PC. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s literally the same version, we didn’t cut any corners and all the features for the console got merged into the PC version (ex. controller support).

Although nobody was ever able to procure us a Series X dev kit, we were able to confirm on a system one of the Crate employees owns that it is compatible.


Ok thanks. Don’t get me wrong I am super stoked about this as Diablo 3 is very boring and we have no good substitute on consoles so this makes me very exited its just that I can spend my money only once sadly.


Excellent news Crate!

Great job and here’s to wishing you high sales numbers in the coming months and years!



Very nice, finally GD is expanding(somehow) :smiley:

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