Grim Dawn is coming to Xbox!

I love you :slight_smile:

So that means the PC version is completed?
No more patches (besides hotfixes) or new Loyalist Packs?

Yes, we knew that a while back. Crate made it clear that Forgotten Gods was going to be the last expansion and apart from the new areas they’ve added later that’s it content wise. Balancing patches from now on.

I didn’t mention expansions for a reason…

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What reason? :woman_shrugging:

Anyway the game is content complete so apart from balance patches - and anything else Zantai might think needs doing - it’s finished.

Not sure if you would know but has there been anything stated of the resolution and frame rate of the game on console? I’m not expecting an enhanced version for any specific console due to the manpower attached to the port but was curious if it is known. Very excited to preorder on Monday and play soon enough. Awesome job Crate!

Awesome news! Any chance we can get clarification on frame rate for each console? If it’s 60 fps on my series x it’s a day one purchase, otherwise I’ll continue to play on PC as I can’t handle 30 fps. Personally resolution doesn’t matter to me as Grim looks beautiful even in 1080p. Good luck on release! :grinning:

I love this for three reasons:

  1. More people will now start playing Grim Dawn, one of the best ARPG’s of all time.
  2. Crate will make more money from the fantastic product they’ve created; a product that they have poured their hearts into.
  3. A lot of console players will finally get to experience an ARPG that isn’t Diablo 3, hopefully bringing renewed life to the genre.

So this is excellent news! I’m so happy for you, Crate! I hope it does really well!
Also, I have a few friends who just “can’t” game with a keyboard and mouse. It’s always been a nice option that Grim Dawn can be played on PC with a controller, especially since that’s a very rare thing for isometric games. Sure the controls aren’t super great, but it definitely beats using Joy2Key! I’m interested to try out the Xbox version and see how the controls have improved.


That I know about no expansions, that’s why I didn’t mentioned them.

You didn’t know the game has 2 expansions: Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods?

So anyone of the developers can answer this? It’s a simple question. Does it run at 30 or 60 fps and what is the resolution like?

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That I know about no new expansions.

Are you trolling me with these questions?

No, just trying to understand what you’re trying to say.

I am extremely excited about this release as Grim is in my top 3 all-time and this is my chance to play this amazing game with my friends on console finally! But “compatible” scares me. As it’s almost 2022 and myself and friends all own series x, I sure hope the game will not be locked to 30 fps. I’d gladly pay a premium to wait for an enhanced version…1440p 60 maybe. Just a thought

Well…congrats, haha, but nobody’s been able to get us a Series X dev kit. We don’t have control over that.

We suspect 1440p should be doable and a higher framerate as well, but that hinges on getting an actual dev kit. So it’s entirely possible Series X will see a bump some day with a patch, but definitely not at release.

Thanks for the response! I’ll have to pray Crate receives a series dev kit in the future. It’s a shame Microsoft isn’t taking advantage of this absolute gem of a game in every possible way.

So. Is it safe to assume that it’ll be running at 60 fps at a 1080 resolution at launch? That would great and maybe someday down the line it’ll get patched up for next gen consoles?

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I’m pretty sure Zantai just confirmed 1080p 30 fps on Xbox one which all consoles will use at launch through backwards support. Unfortunately no enhancements at launch.

I can’t be more clear with my comments.

If you don’t understand my posts, then it’s on you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the big question is, when is Farthest Frontier coming to Xbox image