Xbox one release

on floppy disks too, I hope…


Sure how much are willing to pay for 1500 floppy disks? :rofl:

Though in all seriousness after seeing that math and considering GD is small by modern install size standards thank god we don’t use floppy disks anymore


@medea_fleecestealer Do you by chance have any info on this? Thanks as always!

No, I don’t know anything more than you all do regarding this. Crate haven’t said whether it’ll have any retail/boxed copies or not.

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Наконец то!

To my knowledge, unless I am seriously out of the loop, there is no physical copy planned for the Xbox release.


Might be an idea further down the road after release (congrats on certification!). You guys did something similar for the base game as part of a kickstarter goal and it came out pretty damn awesome :smile:

Above stuff owned by @powbam.


ah ha - actually i dont own that, i wish i did. I simply uploaded the photo on the steam forum just to show people the cool shit we don’t have :wink: I ganked it from somebody else on this forum… i don’t even remember who posted that anymore.

actually, i think that might have even been a dev photo. mebbe posted by zantai or medea. been awhile.

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Not me, though I do have one of those. A dev shot iirc.

whoopsies… i meant to write medierra not medea with that sentence :smiley:

That’s why we call you Medeirra_Fleecestealer - the first part of your name is too similar and its easy to mix you two up lol

Congrats on the certification. Now I really hope it will have couch co-op :slight_smile:

Congrats team! You have my gratitude for porting the game! Your hard work and tenacity in the face of a ton of “fan” negativity is much appreciated! Please know there are many of us that are thankful and supportive. I will be paying full price at launch to help support you all!

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All this time I’ve been reading her name as “Medea Fleece Eater” instead of “Medea Fleece Stealer”…

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It’s ok… she been called worse.


Congrats on the certification!

It was mentioned the optimization for the Xbox release would make it to PC. I am wondering if any of the UI changes are also coming to the PC. The main menu was mentioned, which is extremely small on a 4K TV, but also the map is really hard to see. It would be awesome if the UI could switch automatically, as it does now, from the traditional PC UI to the new Xbox UI on the PC version!

That’s great news on the certification!!! I’m looking forward to hearing more about the release date.

Good news! Take my money!

Breaking news :wink:


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